Canva Easy Design HOLIDAY Templates

Canva Easy Design HOLIDAY Templates

We’re approaching the final quarter of the year where online traffic is at its highest and consumers have their wallets on hand ready to spend!

The only question is:

Are YOU gonna profit from the holiday traffic?

Well, if you want to have the most profitable quarter yet, then you’d better get those gears moving!

Seasonal blog posts? Check.

Seasonal products? Check.

Seasonal marketing material? *GROANS*

No matter how informative your blog posts are or how valuable your products are, they mean NOTHING if there’s no traffic leading to them!!

Lucky for you, one of the easiest ways of getting your content and products OUT THERE is through social media!

BUT... you’ve got to have ATTRACTIVE IMAGES in order to capture your audience whether it’s on Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram!

“But I’m not a designer!”

“It takes sooooo much time and effort to create those images, it’s FRUSTRATING!”

I know. I know. I hear ya. 

That's why you need...

Canva Easy Design HOLIDAY Templates!

"What's in it for me?"

You will get:

  • 10 vertical pins
  • 10 video pins
  • 5 square banners ideal for Instagram posts and shop feature images.
  • 5 landscape images for Instagram
  • 5 portrait images for Instagram
  • 5 long banners ideal for Facebook posts

A total of 40 fully customizable, drag-and-drop templates each with a unique design catered to the upcoming holiday season! With these templates, creating marketing material for Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is going to be easy peasy!

I’ve done the mind-numbing chores of font pairing and designing the layout of each social media image so YOU don’t have to!

All you need do to is to add in your products and branding, and voila ~

You’ve got an arsenal of ATTRACTIVE images for you to crush your marketing campaigns, skyrocket your traffic, and rake in those sales!!

“But I’m a complete newbie.”

New to Canva? I’ve got you covered, too!

All the templates can be used in the FREE Canva account.

Video tutorials are included so you know EXACTLY how to create the social media images according to your preferences and branding in JUST MINUTES.

Get instant access to Canva Easy Design HOLIDAY Templates right now!

Note: You will receive instant access to the Canva templates and video tutorials through a PDF file in your member account once payment is complete. All sales are final. 


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