Tech Stuff 101 For Content Creators

Tech Stuff 101 For Content Creators

Tech Stuff 101 For Content Creators

Well, as the course title suggests, this course is on ALL the tech stuff that you need to know as a content creator and an online business owner!

I have collated a list of questions based on my recent Year-End Feedback form as well as questions that I have received from individuals in the past months.

Here are some of the lessons that are already included in this incredibly helpful tutorial library:

1) How to edit PowerPoint files where the slides can't seem to be clickable or editable? 

2) How to share files that are too big to be uploaded on Etsy?.

3) What are the essential content that I should include in every blog post to make it a good one?

4) How to resize PowerPoint slides?

5) How to share downloadable files in email newsletters?

6) What platform should I use to sell personal use OR PLR printables?

7) How do create click-worthy pin images on Canva?

8) How do I convert colored images to black and white images?

9) What are the copyright and licensing terms for commercial use graphics?


Of course, you can find many answers to your tech questions on Google. 

But I decided to create a platform where you can ask me questions that are specific to creating content and selling content and I will create specific video tutorials to answer those questions. 

The truth is, sometimes you don't really need a full-fledged $100 course to address your technical issues. 

But you want someone who understands your situation, who has experience in running this online business selling printables and PLR products to answer your questions directly. 

So if you want a convenient platform to access ALL the video tutorials on the tech stuff anytime and you want to be able to ask questions and have new video tutorials created for you, then Tech Stuff 101 For Content Creators welcomes you! 


I will continue to add more video tutorials to this library according to your requests. 

So feel free to ask away if you have ANY questions on the different tech stuff related to:

1) Wordpress

2) Etsy

3) Canva

4) PowerPoint

5) Pinterest

6) Email marketing


I have set the above categories based on what I use and what I think a typical content creator would use in order to create digital printables and sell them online. 

As more and more video tutorials are added, the price of the course will also INCREASE. 

But as an existing student in of this course, you will NEVER have to pay for the increase in price. All you need to do is make a one-time payment and get lifetime access to all these video tutorials!


There are certain topics that WILL require a full-fledged course, for example: 

Email Marketing Kickstart For Etsy Sellers

Pin To Win - Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Printables Sellers

But for any ad-hoc tech help and video tutorials, I want Tech Stuff 101 to be your go-to resource library!


If you are enrolled in ANY of the following programs:

1) Boost Your Sales Mastermind

2) PLR VIP Club

you will get FREE access to Tech Stuff 101


Sign up for Tech Stuff 101 For Content Creators now!

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