How To Create Planners Like A Pro

How To Create Planners Like A Pro

How To Create Planners Like A Pro

As far as I am aware, no one else has a course that teaches people how to create planners using THIS new program.

Well, I could be wrong, but still, I know that this program is very new and most of you would still be unaware of how to maximize the potential of using this particular planner-creating software.

Therefore, I am so thrilled to invite you to get your hands on my new course as soon as possible because I believe that like me, you’d want to create your PLR planners quickly and easily so that you can generate more sales!


The software that I use in this course is actually a paid program but the subscription fee is really affordable.

More importantly, it can really cut down on the time you spend on creating your planners!

The prices for the program's subscription fee will increase after 31st January which is why I am in such a rush to get you to jump on board so that you can save money when you sign up for this software as well.

(EDIT: Subscription fee will be kept at promotional rates until July 2021!)

If you were excited to learn about using the Zinnia app to create incredibly beautiful planners, then I believe you will be even more excited to use this new software!

Because unlike the Zinnia app which can only be used on an iPad, this particular online software allows you to create planners on both the iPad as well as your desktop (internet browser) which I believe is where you spend more time on creating your planners!

The thing is, this software has the potential to be so huge that people might start creating planners for themselves instead of purchasing them.

Therefore, it is imperative that as content creators and printables sellers, like yourself, jump on board first and make use of the features to help us grow our business faster!

In "How To Create Planners Like a Pro", I will show you exactly what I mean when I say this new tool can be the game-changer on how you can create planners in double-time.

The course is yet to be complete but with the lessons that are already available for access, it will help you decide if you should quickly sign up for the planner-creating software while the early-bird subscription pricing is still available!

See what other course students have to say:

"Do you create planners or would you like to? In How to Create Planners Like a Pro, Faith walks us through step-by-step training on how to use a unique new planner software program to streamline the process of designing planners, calendars, journals, and more.

Faith is an accomplished Planner Creator who started using this software herself, to streamline and speed up her planner creation process.

I've taken several of Faith's courses, and this new one is my favorite so far. Something that really caught my attention is... with this software program, you can design dated calendars! That's right, once you learn how to set up the templates, you just click a few buttons, choose the month and year you'd like to create a calendar for, and voila!"

-- Dvorah Lansky

"I was amazed that I'd never heard of the online program that Faith demonstrates so well in this course.

On the other hand, I might have passed it by if I had seen it because I wouldn't have expected it would be available for commercial use. So thanks a million for opening our eyes to it and providing such a detailed course on how we can use it to make planners and journals in record time not only as PDF but also in PowerPoint.

Faith has shown how much fun this will be with so many options in background, formats, fonts etc.  And on all my devices. It will keep me creating for months and I'm going to sign up before the offer on the software runs out!"

-- Jan

"How To Create Planners Like A Pro teaches how to quickly create planners using software that most of the planner sellers aren't even aware of just yet. However, I expect this to change quite rapidly as the software becomes more widely known.

The beauty of this new method is that planners can be constructed using either an iPad or a desktop computer. The end result can even be imported into PowerPoint to make further style modifications should you wish.

There are many more appealing facets to this method - too many to detail here. Discover for yourself by taking Faith's course. If you are anything like me you will be amazed at how simple it is to create a wide variety of planners."
--- Dave Everett

"At first look, I wasn’t sure if PlanifyPro would be for me, but I wanted to give the platform a chance, and I know that anything that Faith recommends and does a course about, is good enough reason to pay attention!

Upon first glance, what I really like about the application is that it reminds me of planning my own customized bullet journal layout. The ability to create diverse layouts is incredibly enticing!

Faith gives a really thorough walk-through of this new planner-creating online software, and I was really impressed by the lovely and intuitive interface. It has been very well thought-out, especially with the ability to export up to 30 different planner sizes. Essential if you want to customize sizes for your audience as a commercial seller.

I really enjoyed the ease of customization of the different areas and categories, such as font, line number, sizing, table options, etc. Because this is a relatively new platform, Faith addressed the glitches that came up and explained any workarounds.

The speed potential for designing planners is also very enticing. A bonus for signing up for a business account.

The best part of Faith’s walk-through: her legwork in exporting from the planners created to Powerpoint files and explaining the best options and how to go about creating the final product for sale.

I highly recommend Faith’s course. The purchase of this new software could be of great benefit as well, but without taking the course beforehand, I wouldn’t have known whether this option was feasible without spending a ton of time exploring and experimenting.

Thank you Faith for such a great and thorough walk-through!"

-- Sky Weishar

"Faith has a wealth of information and she offers such detailed but easy to understand instructions.

Her latest course How to Create Planners Like a Pro introduced me to a software platform that I didn’t know exist. And I’m looking forward to using it in my printables creations. I especially love the ability to quickly create and offer multiple size planner options."

-- Wanda


BONUS TRAINING READY FOR ACCESS -- How To Create Stickers in PowerPoint ($27 Value)

Lessons included:
- How to create individual stickers with outline
- How to create composite stickers
- How to export a sticker sheet as PNG 
- Everything done in PowerPoint! 

Sign up for How To Create Planners Like A Pro today! 

Access to the course will be in your member account once payment is complete. All sales are final.



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