aMember Pro Kickstart

aMember Pro Kickstart

aMember Pro Kickstart

Quite a number of you have actually reached out to me to ask questions about setting up an aMember Pro site to sell your digital products. 

I totally understand your frustration because I spent days struggling and figuring out how to use aMember Pro myself!

The software itself has actually provided quite a lot of documentation to assist you as you configure your new aMember Pro site. But plowing through all those information and then figuring out what your next steps should be can be very overwhelming, not to mention a huge-time waster!

After all, nothing beats having video tutorials to walk you through step by step so that you can quickly and easily set up your new site and start selling digital products to make money as soon as possible!

Why you should use aMember Pro to sell your digital products

What I love most about aMember Pro is that it's a one-time payment software. 

Once you pay for it, you own it and you can also get free access to future updates. And $150 for a program that you can use for years to run your business is really a very worthy investment! I'm sure you will recoup your capital in no time.

This is a HUGE advantage of using aMember Pro as compared to using other platforms that require you to pay monthly subscriptions and/or pay a fee each time a sale is made. 

You can also request for aMember Pro support to help you install the program to your WordPress site for free!

The only challenge is setting up the site AFTER the installation has been done, which is why I created the course "aMember Pro Kickstart". 

I also love that I can manage my affiliate system within the aMember Pro system. An all-in-one solution makes administrative work so much easier!

It's also easier for affiliates they can access affiliate information on the same platform as their member dashboard! This will also encourage more of your customers to become affiliates and promote your products. It's a win-win situation!

Here's what you learn in the course: 

  • How to set up your site -- theme, email, PayPal, affiliate, member signup form, user menu
  • Managing your products -- product listing, coupons, product files, customizing cart page
  • Managing affiliates -- affiliate sign up, creating affiliate links and banners, setting commission rules, paying your affiliates
  • Boost your sales with One-Time Offer -- creating upsell and downsell offers

"The aMember Pro Kickstart course is EVERYTHING. I literally spent 2 very long and frustrating days going back and forth between the support team and the tutorial videos. I found Faith's course and said this has to be better than old tutorials with outdated information. I was able to complete my setup for aMember Pro in less than 2 hours (with breaks included). If you want a a knowledgeable, up-to-date, and easy step-by-step tutorial videos then you MUST purchase this video course. Save yourself the frustration, and feel good about getting this set up in abreeze. I want to thank Faith for her hard work and dedication to providing this AWESOME tutorial. It's a TRUE BLESSING!

- Chiara H,

"Faith's aMember Pro Kickstart Course is purely amazing! With just this course, I was able to completely get my AMember up and running flawlessly! Her expert knowledge and clear communication made it so easy to understand. With the help of this amazing course, I not only got my site setup but also know exactly what to do to ensure my store is running smoothly! I am truly grateful for this course and the incredible mentor that created it!"

- Sheila,

"I have been in the process of organizing my files in order to open up my own PLR shop. I have been a student of Faith's for several months now and she's one of my mentors. I knew that I wanted to purchase aMember since it is so affordable. As soon as I purchased the plugin I immediately bought Faith's course. I was able to get up and running in just a day. She broke down everything and made it all easy to understand."

- Desiree Savarese,


$10 discount if you sign up for aMember Pro with my affiliate link

If you haven't signed up for aMember Pro yet but you are certain that it's a program that you want to use to sell your digital products, courses and/or membership programs, please kindly sign up for aMember Pro with my affiliate link here. 

Then send me your invoice and I will give you a $10 discount code for this course! 

If you haven't signed up for aMember Pro yet and you want to do it only after you check out the course to see if the software is suitable for you, simply sign up for aMember Pro with my affiliate link in the course, please send me the invoice and I will also give you a $10 discount off your next purchase in my PLR Printables shop! 

Get instant access to aMember Pro Kickstart right now!

Note: You will receive access to course enrollment instructions through a PDF file in your member account once payment is complete. All sales are final. 


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