How To Create Stickers In PowerPoint

How To Create Stickers In PowerPoint

How To Create Stickers In PowerPoint

Printable and digital stickers are growing in popularity online!

Now, you can also meet that demand by creating beautiful and adorable stickers quickly and easily in PowerPoint!

In How To Create Stickers In PowerPoint course, I will teach you how to:

  • Create individual sticker images with outline
  • Create unique composite sticker images 
  • Create sticker sheets in PowerPoint and export them in PNG format
  • Create generic planner sticker sheets in PowerPoint (PLR template included!)

You're going to have so much fun learning in this course and creating highly sellable stickers in no time!

This course was just what I needed! While in-depth, big-ticket courses can be useful for growing the business, they also require a substantial commitment of money, time, and energy. Sometimes, you just want a "quick-win" though and that is exactly what this course is! It didn't break my budget or require a giant chunk of my time. I worked along with Faith's videos to create my own sticker project and had a completed product by the end of the afternoon! It felt good to see a whole project through in a matter of hours! Thanks, Faith! 

- Rebecca

The Create Stickers in PowerPoint is a great course that teaches you how to create white outlined stickers. Each lesson builds on the previous one, making learning easy and fun. Faith has a great teaching style and entices people to start creating their own stickers and sticker pages. 

- Michelle Libby

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