NEW! How To Create Pretty Printables

NEW! How To Create Pretty Printables

How To Create Pretty Printables

There are many courses that teach you the techniques on how to create printables but very few courses actually teach you how to beautify your printables to improve the designs and make them more sellable!

After creating the following courses and training:

1) How To Create Digital Planners

2) How To Create Printables Challenge

3) How To Create Planners Like A Pro

I realize I am missing the key ingredient to truly creating printables that SELL. 

This is why I am creating this brand new course -- How To Create PRETTY Printables!

In this course, you will learn the tips and tricks for the non-designer to create beautiful and highly sellable printables!

In How To Create Pretty Planners, you will learn:

  • Where to find pretty graphics and fonts
  • How to get ideas on different types of printables to create
  • 4 different places to look for inspiration to create pretty printables
  • How to create a color palette library and why you need one
  • How to create pretty printables without using any graphics
  • How to create a variety of designs from one PLR template
  • How to create pretty printable gift tags, wall art, journal covers, planner pages, and MORE!

For more details and find out how to get a $70 discount, check this out >>

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