NOW OPEN! Monthly Printables Bundle Giveaway Contribution

NOW OPEN! Monthly Printables Bundle Giveaway Contribution

Be a Contributor for Monthly Printables Bundle Giveaway

Every month, I will be hosting a Monthly Printables Bundle Giveaway and promote it to my audience of more than 3000 printables lovers!

Objective: To drive traffic to your Etsy shop and grow your mailing list. Non-Etsy sellers are also welcome!

Requirement: You need to have an Etsy shop with at least three products

What you need to do:

1. Pay a signup fee of $5 (Use code APRIL5)

2. Choose one product to be featured and also contribute the product in PDF format for the Giveaway. This must be a PERSONAL USE printable product.

What I will do:

1. Create a blog post featuring 20 products.

2. Promote the Giveaway over two bi-weekly newsletters 

3. There will be a signup form on the blog post for people to sign up to receive the Printables Bundle.

4. Participants are also encouraged to “like” at least 5 featured Etsy stores PLUS leave comments in the Giveaway blog post to state which is their favorite product and why.

4. Amongst those who voted for their favorite product, one will be selected at random to win a $25 cash prize. 

What you will gain as a Contributor

1. All contributors will get the name and email addresses of participants of the lucky draw — grow your email list!

2. The contributor who has received the most number of comments as the favorite product will receive a $75 cash prize. If there are fewer than 20 contributors, the cash reward will still be 75% of the total pool.

Where is the cash prize coming from?

Since 20 contributors are expected and everyone needs to pay a signup fee of $5, the total pool will be $100.

$25 will be given to one Participant for voting for their favorite bundle and winning Contributor will get a $75 cash reward.

Call for contributions will begin on 2 April. 

Only a maximum of 20 contributors will be allowed.



Please use code APRIL5 to join as a Bundle Contributor for ONLY $5.

The coupon code is limited to 20 users. So if you notice that the coupon code limit has been exceeded, please DO NOT SIGN UP and kindly wait to join us next month instead.

The deadline for product submission is 6 April, Tuesday. 

The Giveaway will start on 9 April and end on 25 April. 

Sign up to be a Contributor for Monthly Printables Bundle Giveaway today! 

Details of how to submit your product will be on your member dashboard after payment is complete. 


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