7 Surefire Ways To Increase Subscriber Engagement

7 Surefire Ways To Increase Subscriber Engagement

7 Surefire Ways To Increase Subscriber Engagement

7 Essential tips to increase email subscriber engagement and run profitable email marketing campaigns.

In this 100-min workshop, you will learn:

  • Why you need Email Marketing to grow your online business
  • The 3 ways to measure how effective your email marketing campaigns are
  • Real case studies to illustrate why some email marketing campaigns are more successful than others
  • 7 essential tips on how to increase email subscriber engagement and specific action plans for you to take

You will also receive a Training Workbook that includes an Email Marketing Planner and Email Marketing Analytics tracker. 

"This training is a great introduction to why you have to take email marketing seriously if you want to grow a viable online business.

 Faith´s teaching style is very easy to follow and the workbook you find in this training is a great way to make you think about your own email marketing and hold yourself accountable for what you are doing in your own business. I can only recommend this training and it had really made me think about what I can achieve when I follow the recommended steps to manage email marketing in the right way."

- Charlotte Wilstrup, PlanYourLife.dk

"Faith’s course on email subscriber engagement is a little different than her others. She presents this as a chat with a friend and the subscriber is listening to some friendly advice! 

It was nice to see her as a ‘face’ in front of the camera instead of over her shoulder looking into a computer screen. Faith’s friendly personality shines through and you genuinely feel that if you follow her advice, you too can achieve what she has done.

She shares her income data from 3 sources and you find a big surprise! She explains the nuts and bolts of the data behind the scenes of your email provider and what 3 important acronyms mean. That was totally new for me and I will be paying more attention to that from now on!

She takes us through 7 tips for email marketing, that although we may have known about them in general, she makes us investigate the reason for doing something and how that can benefit us as a business owner. 

This is a good course for someone who is beginning their journey of being an email marketer because it is not as simple as just sending out a letter or gift to everyone.

I have taken many of Faith's courses and would not have learned as much as I have without her personal advice and tutorials!"

- Sheila Anderson-Mochrie

"7 Surefire Ways to Increase Subscriber Engagement is the perfect course to help you make the most of your subscriber list. 

As Faith explains so clearly (and demonstrates with real figures) the more engaged your subscribers, the more they click through to your offers, and the more valuable they are. 

I've been sending out emails for a few years, but Faith's course still kept me glued from beginning to end, and there are two takeaways in particular that will be part of my email review process from now on."

- Jan Small 

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