Digital Papers Masterclass

by Faith

Digital Papers Masterclass

Step by step course on creating beautiful and professional digital papers that you can sell!

And yes, this course is perfect especially for the self-professed non-designer!


Digital Papers Masterclass is a power-packed course that will teach you

In Digital Papers Masterclass, I will show you step-by-step, how to create a wide variety of beautiful and unique digital papers like these...

and these

and even these, from scratch!

digital paper example 5

And you will learn SO MUCH MORE!

After completing Digital Papers Masterclass, you will:

Yes, WOW, indeed!

I can't wait to start creating all my digital papers with your class! I have finished Digital Papers Masterclass and it's amazing! The lessons are very clear, informative, and easy to follow. I was so hesitant to try Canva and Procreate initially, but now I am so excited to start designing! I love the way Faith teaches. She makes everything so simple and I can learn at a relaxing pace.

Thank you for creating this Digital Papers Masterclass! I don't have any background in design but now, I am confident that I will be able to create a lot of graphics and digital papers with your guided class. This will be a plus for my future business. Thanks again for continually creating amazing classes like this one!
Taimara Valdez


Whether or not you are familiar with PowerPoint, Canva, or Procreate, the step-by-step video tutorials in this course will make sure you know exactly how to create different types of digital paper designs easily on each of these platforms!

How does lifetime access sound to you? Once payment is complete, you will be directed to log in or create an account on my FaithEasyDesign school where you can access all the video tutorials and bonus templates! 

You can learn at your own pace and refer back to the video tutorials any time you want! 

This course will be taught using Canva, Procreate, and PowerPoint. 

Canva is an online software that you can sign up for free. Procreate is a paid app on the iPad that you can get for just a one-time payment of $10. 

You don’t actually have to purchase the programs first. The lessons in this course will help you make a more informed decision on whether you want to buy the Procreate app or upgrade to the Canva Pro version, which I’d both strongly recommend!

But regardless, the decision is still entirely yours. Learn first, decide later!

As the course name suggests, Digital Papers Masterclass has been designed to help students familiarize with all three highly popular design platforms which people regularly use to create digital products, printables, and graphic designs. 

Having the ability to make use of ALL three design platforms can only stand to benefit you immensely not only for creating your own unique digital papers, but also creating other graphics, printables and other digital products because each platform, namely Procreate, Canva, and PowerPoint, has its own advantages and unique features!

Furthermore, the course has been priced affordably so that you are practically getting three detailed courses for the price of one!

Going through the lessons will also give you a better idea on what can be done on each platform without having to spend on paying for the Canva Pro subscription or Procreate first. 

However, my mission is always to add value to you and your business. So as a special offer for fast action takers, ONLY during our course launch, you CAN choose to purchase just ONE module that specifically teaches on one design platform. 

I definitely would not want you to be unhappy with this course! However, due to the digital nature of the course and the templates included, I will not be able to issue a refund. That said, I will do my best to assist you so please feel free to reach me via email if you need any further assistance. 

Meet your coach

I’m Faith. I’m a mom of three and I have been blogging since 2018. After spending thousands of dollars on various design courses and creating over hundreds of printables and digital products on my own, I can now confidently say that I am a professional designer making a full-time income selling my very own digital creations.

With my years of experience in tutoring and designing, I am fully equipped with the relevant skills to teach other entrepreneurs, like yourself, to improve your design skills in a fuss-free, stress-free course that will help you create an additional income stream!

More than 3000 customers have purchased my printable products and more than 2500 satisfied students have gone through my design and online marketing courses.

Join them today!

BONUSES Included!

BONUS 1: Digital Papers Mockup Banners ($37 Value)

A total of 50 fully customizable, drag-and-drop mockup banners in 10 different designs to present the digital papers in a professional and attractive manner. 

digital papers mockup banners

BONUS 2: Digital Papers with commercial use license ($50++ Value)

More than 30 digital papers with commercial use license in PNG and editable Canva Templates for you! Find them in the BONUS section of the course. 

All these bonuses FREE for you when you sign up TODAY!

All you need is one weekend to learn and start making beautiful and hot-selling digital papers next week!

There are 3 Modules in Digital Papers Masterclass

Module 1: Digital Papers Masterclass (CANVA)

  • Creating watercolor digital papers in Canva
  • Creating geometric patterns with simple shapes in Canva

  • Creating vintage digital paper designs in Canva

  • Using effects upon effects

  • Creating seamless floral digital papers in Canva

Module 2: Digital Papers Masterclass (PROCREATE)

  • Introduction to Procreate’s Features
  • Creating a reference brush library

  • Creating different digital papers with one Procreate brush

  • Creating bokeh digital papers and overlays

  • Create space designs digital papers

  • Drawing and coloring a mandala

  • Creating a digital paper with repeating mandala pattern

Module 3: Digital Papers Masterclass (POWERPOINT)

  • Creating digital papers with shapes and colors
  • Where to find free commercial use stock images
  • Combining different elements to create unique digital papers

  • Creating extended products from one digital paper design

  • Creating unique textures with stock images

  • Creating beautiful floral digital papers

3 Courses for the price of 1!

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