Emma’s Sunshine Support Fund

by Faith

Brightening the world, one family at a time.

The story behind Emma’s Sunshine Support Fund

On 1 May 2021, Emma’s temperature suddenly spiked to 105 deg in the afternoon. She was already having fever for about a week prior to that. But other than the fever, her mood and energy were still good so we didn’t think much about it after having already seen a family doctor.

But because of the temperature spike, we sent her to the Emergency Department where she had an initial blood test that showed a high count of white blood cell count, suggesting a bacterial infection.

She was then immediately warded. What we didn’t expect was that my 4-year-old daughter and I would spend the next ten days at the hospital.

Emma went through a number of tests and scans, including an echocardiogram, before the doctors finally diagnosed her with Kawasaki disease. She then had to go through some very expensive intravenous treatments before she was finally discharged on 10 May.

During our time at the hospital, my online community became aware of the situation and many well wishes and prayers came pouring in.

The immense support caught me by surprise and was a huge source of comfort to me especially during the long nights that I spent worrying by Emma’s hospital bedside.

What moved me even more was how two ladies, Stephanie Gilbert (StephieTheHappyMom.com) and Sherry Loren (Miss Rainbow Business Boutique), who live thousands of miles away from me, came together and set up a fundraiser to help my family ease off the burden of the unexpected hospital expenses.

They rallied together other content creators including:
D’vorah Lansky, ShareYourBrillance.com
Ruth Bowers, RitchieMedia.ca
Diana Hauser, PLRPlanners.com
Carmen Chan, SimplyCoutureDesigns.com
Becky Beach, PLRBeach.com
Jan Small, SimpleHappiness.Biz
Lynn Webb, PlannerCreatorsPLR.com
Maria Silvo, ArtsyChallenge.com
Gabby Conde, ACupOfZen.com
Renee Cohn Jones, HelpingParentsParent.com
Pam Collins, Gift of Simple Shop
Maureen Oliver, ColorMePositive.com
Sue Fleckenstein, CreatefulJournals.com
Ana Tarouca, MyFairLadiesPrintablesBoutique.com
Christine Vivero, MCJAKEY Printables Shop

These ladies generosly contributed their products and services for the fundraiser.

Hundreds of people in the community responded in kind and donated generously. In total, we received more than $6200 which made a huge dent in our $8000 hospital bill and gave us much relief.

We never imagined we would be on the receiving end of such kindness and generosity.

We never expected that our online community, from all over the world, whom I’ve known for less than a year, would reach out with such immense support.

My family and I are deeply moved and ever so grateful.

This was what inspired me to set up Emma’s Sunshine Support Fund so that in my small way, I can spread the kindness around, back to the community that has showered me with so much love and kindness.

Who Emma’s Sunshine Support Fund wants to help

Unexpected medical expenses like this can indeed bring about a lot of stress to a family on top of the physical pain that one has to endure. Any bit of financial support can be greatly helpful in such times of need.

There are also situations which can affect a family’s income and savings, like a breadwinner losing their job, or an anticipation of increased expenses like having to buy things to get ready for a new school term, or to prepare for the arrival of a new baby.

Emma’s Sunshine Support Fund is committed to helping families in our community by providing up to $500 to aid one or two families every month.

How is Emma’s Sunshine Support Fund funded?

Emma’s Sunshine Support Fund is funded by a portion of the business revenue of ForMommiesByMommy.com, fully owned and run by Faith Lee.

Who can apply for Emma’s Sunshine Support Fund?

I, Faith Lee, is acting as an individual using a portion of my business revenue to give back to my community on a regular, monthly basis.

There isn’t any complex vetting process behind this.

But anyone who meets the “eligibility” as stated below can fill up the form at the bottom of this page to request for consideration to receive either a one-time $250 or $500 support fund at the end of the calendar month.

Up to $500 in support fund will be given out by Emma’s Sunshine Support Fund at the end of each calendar month and this fund would either go to two families who each requested for a $250 support fund or one family who requested for a $500 support fund.

Requests will be selected based on the urgency of the situation, for example, an emergency medical treatment required or the birth of a new baby, or adoption of a child, or the sudden loss of a job.

The above situations serve as an illustration to depict how urgently the support fund is needed for that month but the your reason for requesting for aid isn’t limited to these.

If your request is not accepted in the month which you had sent it in, it will automatically be kept for consideration in the following month.

Please kindly note that only successful applicants will be notified.

You may send in a new request again in the following month citing your reasons for the need of assistance.

Once again, due to limited manpower and resources, we are unable to carry out any stringent vetting process so we seek your honesty and integrity as you apply for the aid from Emma’s Sunshine Support Fund.

All the stated fields in the application form below are required for the purpose of processing your request for the support fund.

All personal information will be kept strictly private and confidential and will only be used for the purpose of processing your application request.

The support fund will be transferred via PayPal in US dollars only.

Applications are open every month from 1st to 25th and selected applicants to receive aid for that calendar month will be notified and receive the support fund through PayPal on the 30th of the month.

ANYONE can apply for Emma’s Sunshine Support Fund but priority will be given to

1. Families with at least one child age 16 years and younger. If you are caring for your grandchild, niece or nephew in the same age range and you would like to apply for aid, please do so. You may also apply for aid on behalf of your adult children or siblings who have child(ren) age 16 years and younger and require a one-time support fund.

2. Existing members of ForMommiesByMommy.com PLR Printables shop.

3. Families facing emergency situations which require additional financial support for the month.

All information submitted in this form will be kept strictly private and confidential. All the information collected are only used for the purpose of processing your request for Emma's Sunshine Support Fund. NONE of the information that you have provided will be used for marketing purposes.