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Bilingual Montessori Animal Matching Cards And Memory Game


This set of printable animal matching cards includes realistic animal images that go along with the Montessori method of education where children are encouraged to learn through life-like images instead of overly stylized or cartoonish ones.

How to play with the Montessori Animal Matching Cards:

  1. Print out the Animal Matching Cards.
  2. Laminate the animal matching cards for long-lasting play! Cut out the animal images and the animal names separately.
  3. Show one image of an animal and the matching name at the same time and read out the name to your child. Encourage your child to repeat after you. For older children, ages 5 and above, you can get your child to spell out the animal names.
  4. After going through all the animals and their respective names, shuffle the cards and separate them into two piles — one pile with just the animal images and the other pile with just the animal names.
  5. Get your child to pick one animal image and find the matching animal name from the pile!

To help my fellow Mandarin-speaking readers, I have also included the animal names in Chinese characters!

This will help children to learn the names of animals in Chinese and to be effectively bilingual.


How to play the Animal Memory Game:

  1. Print out two copies of the Animal Memory Game cards. Download them here.
  2. Laminate the print outs for longer-lasting play! Cut out the individual animal images. There are 20 different animal images so you will have a total of 40 animal game cards.
  3. Shuffle all the 40 animal game cards and put them on the table or playmat face-down. Arrange the game cards in an 8 by 5 table arrangement. In other words, place 8 animal game cards neatly next to each other in one row with a bit of space in between. Then place 4 more cards neatly below each of these 8 cards with a bit of space in between the cards.  That will give you 5 rows and 8 columns for the 40 game cards.
  4. Each player takes a turn to flip over two game cards of their choice. If the animals on the game cards do not match, the cards and flipped over again, face-down, and remain in their position.
  5. If the animals on the chosen game cards are identical, the player gets to remove these two game cards and keep them. This player also gets to go for another turn immediately to flip over two more game cards.
  6. This continues until all the game cards in play have been matched. The player with the most number of pairs of animals wins the game!

The Animal Memory Game encourages your child to focus fully on the game and exercise their brain muscles because they need to memorize the positions of the different animal images so that they can flip over identical pairs when it is their turn.

For younger children, you can start with just 10 game cards (5 pairs of animals) in play for them to get the hang of the game.

Increase the number of pairs of animals in the gameplay for a bigger challenge!

The Animal Memory Game is a wonderful screen-free quiet time play for children when busy moms have to do their chores or work from home.

For one-player games, you can even encourage your child to set a timer to record how long they take to match all the animal game cards. Kids who love a good challenge will keep repeating this game to break their own record for the fastest time to complete the game!


Hours of fun just a click away!

Get the Montessori Animal Matching Cards below!


Bilingual Montessori Animal Matching Cards And Memory Game

• 5 pages of Animal Matching Cards. Total 20 animal images, 20 animal names in English, and 20 animal names in Chinese
• 1 page of Animal Memory Game cards. 20 animal images.

• Instant download
• High resolution: 300 dpi
• Letter size 8.5 x 11 inch

Please note that this is a digital product. You can instantly download your files after purchase. You can print the file at home, at a local print shop or at an online printer such as Office Depot or Staples. As many times as you like.


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