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Pamela Palmer,
blogtastic planner 2021 goal setting pages

Beautiful goal setting pages to help you plan your blogging goals for the year and crush your goals every quarter!

blogtastic planner 2021 scheduling pages
Scheduling pages include:
  • Calendar 2021 that looks beautiful in your binder as well as on the wall.
  • A “year at a glance” planner to help you keep track of all important seasons and blogging events.
  • Quarterly planners
  • Monthly planners
  • Weekly planners
blogtastic planner 2021 brainstorming templates
Whether you are brainstorming for your next blog post or product, these brainstorming templates will make sure you’ve got everything covered:
From SEO, to lead magnets, to creating targeted products that your audience cannot resist!
blogtastic planner 2021 blog growth trackers
With these blog growth trackers, you will never lose track of any important number again!
Keep track of your expenses, your income, as well as your blog statistics easily with these ready-to-use blog trackers!
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– Elizabeth




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