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by Faith

Hello! I’m Faith.

Thanks so much for visiting For Mommies By Mommy!

At For Mommies By Mommy, you will find articles on motherhood, kids activities, tips on traveling with young kids and honest reviews and advice for new mom bloggers.

Why I started For Mommies By Mommy

I had to cut back on the workload of my day job after I gave birth to my third child. It certainly wasn’t easy taking care of three kids under 5! It still isn’t!

I have always wanted to be home with my kids because I know how precious these early childhood years are. As they always say, “the days are long but the years are short”.

But it isn’t easy having to stay home for my kids either.

All too often, I struggle with my sense of self-worth for not being able to contribute financially to ease the load off my husband’s shoulders.

Many times, I also wonder if my years of education and University degree have all gone to waste when all I do my entire day is chauffeur the kids around, clean up their mess, cook for them, do more cleaning, wash the laundry, and do MORE cleaning.

Yet I know I do enjoy the better parts of my day when I get to spend quality time with my children and be there to witness all their milestones.

But the truth is, I also cannot shrug off the fact that I wish I had more money in my bank account!

I started hunting for opportunities to create a side income during my third pregnancy.

I knew it was too challenging for my aged parents to take care of three children on their own and I really didn’t want to hire a domestic helper. I knew if I didn’t find other sources of income, my finances would suffer when my little girl was born.

I have tried several side hustling activities and have finally found my feet in this blogging business.

Not only have I re-ignited my passion for writing, but my words have also reached out to countless mommies all over the world, providing them with a bit more encouragement and inspiration on their tough journey of motherhood.

Furthermore, I have also found immense satisfaction in learning more about building an online business and seeing it grow day by day.

I am so excited to share with you my personal experiences through my articles and online courses.

Putting all the mom blogging business aside, I’m a mom, 24/7.

I love my children with my entire being and so many of my articles have actually been inspired by them!

My children have taught me so much about love and sacrifice. Their innocence, honesty, and sweetness have highlighted the warmth and beauty of this world that I so easily overlook in my busyness.

Apart from all the love and sunshine that I get from my kids, I have to admit that being a mother has also revealed to me my immense flaws.

For one, I’m often an angry mom. I am highly impatient and I yell too much.

I have found writing to be a wonderful way for me to reflect as compared to shooting my mouth off.

In short, I’m far from perfect.

Motherhood is a journey.

I sincerely hope that by sharing my personal experiences I can also be a voice for you.

A voice that understands your struggles and pain.

A voice that cheers and celebrates your motherhood milestones and achievements.

A voice that gives you the support and encouragement on your motherhood journey!

May you always be able to find encouragement, joy, and inspiration through For Mommies By Mommy!

Ready to journey with me?

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