20+ Best Blogging Courses To Help You Start Blogging For Money

by Faith

I have spent thousands of dollars on blogging courses in the past two years.

I take my blogging business seriously. Yet I have to admit, I started blogging with only one eye open.

I didn’t realize there were so many skills required in setting up a blog, growing it, and maintaining it!

While I believe that blogging can indeed generate a steady stream of income, simply depending on my belief is not going to cut it.

If I really wanted to build a profitable blog, I had to learn the necessary skills that will bring me success.


Therefore, as much as there are many free blogging resources available, certain investments still have to be made in premium blogging resources.

Whom better to learn from other than successful bloggers who have already achieved success?

The truth is, there is probably no ONE course that can get you to where you want to be.

You will need several courses and learn from different mentors.

After all, you are unique and your blog is unique.

You don’t just want to model after one successful blogger. You want to gain insights from several professional bloggers and select the specific traits and tips that you want to apply to your blogging business.


6 Best Blogging Courses That Teach You How To Make Money Blogging


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Being a budget-conscious mom blogger, I am always looking out for awesome deals so that I can get my hands on premium blogging resources at a discount!

Therefore, I know you don’t want to miss the biggest sale of the year – Black Friday!

The crazy Black Friday sales are not only found in retail stores, but they are also going to be everywhere online too!

Black Friday is only a few weeks away. Now is the time to do your homework, find out what courses you need and want, bookmark them, and grab them during the Black Friday sale!

Unless, of course, you cannot wait to dig into some of these incredible resources to jumpstart your blog. Either way, you cannot miss this incredible list of

20+ Best Blogging Course To Help You Start Blogging For Money!

I have gone through more than 90% of the courses that I am recommending to you in this list.

So, trust me, I do know what goes on into the courses and I do my best in putting across honest and objective views on them!

I have categorized the courses to help you zoom into the exact skill sets that you need to bring your blogging game to the next level!

best blogging courses. blogging for money

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Best blogging courses on building a profitable blog

Ready Set Blog For Traffic by Elna Cain

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on blogging courses and tools.

Yet it is truly important to invest in your education and learning new skills if you really want to build a profitable blog.

Elna’s course is one of the very first blogging courses that I attended.

Different bloggers have different tips that they can offer so I would say it’s hard to just find only one course to stick to.

Therefore, it helps that this course is priced affordably and provides a very comprehensive guide to start blogging for money.

In my opinion, the best part of this course is the Pinterest module. It can practically be a standalone course because of the powerful pinning strategies that you can start adopting today!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

If you are a new blogger who is concerned about budget and want to get the best value out of your money, then this course is perfect for you.  Check out Ready Set Blog For Traffic right here!

Traffic Transformation Guide By Lena Gott

In this blogging course, you will learn the exact strategies that Lena has used to skyrocket her blog traffic from 17K to over 400K in 10 months! Now, won’t you want that to happen to your blog as well?

This is definitely a blogging guide that you will refer to time and again! I would strongly recommend that you read through the entire guide book once while taking note of which particular steps that you would want to focus on.

Then start from the beginning of this guide again use the tips and tricks that Lena recommends and apply them to your blog!

The truth is, these positive changes that you are making to your blog will take time. But if you know you are in the blogging business for the long haul, then all the time and effort invested will totally be worth it.

I came across Lena’s Traffic Transformation Guide at a time when I was restructuring my blog. And boy, was I glad that happened!

Lena’s tips greatly helped me in organizing my blog categories and streamline my blog’s objectives. She also provides many ideas on how to create the right type of blog posts that will keep generating traffic, and therefore, income, all year round!

Well, Lena’s blog has had 23 million views to date. Wouldn’t she the perfect mentor to learn from with regard to increasing your blog traffic?

Who this blogging course is best suited:

I strongly recommend this blogging course to anyone who wants to experience a breakthrough in blog traffic.

Whether you are a new blogger or an advanced blogger, the tips provided in this guide are highly actionable. No fluff. Only results. So long you put in the effort to make the transformation!

This is a guide book, which means there are no video or audio elements to it. For me, having a guide book makes it easier for me to take notes and use the course’s case studies as a reference from time to time, which is why I love this Traffic Transformation guide.

So, if you function like me, then this guide is an amazing weapon for you to conquer the battle of blog traffic!

Check out Traffic Transformation Guide right here!

Be Your Own Blog Boss Bundle by Chelsea Clarke 

This blogging course provides you with a complete blog to biz roadmap.

Chelsea focuses heavily on the monetizing part of blogging. After all, you are in this blogging business not just as a hobby, right?

You will basically learn every single thing you need to know to confidently create, launch, run, market and monetize your blog.

This course provides you with a clear step by step guide including technical advice that will help new bloggers start their blog in the best way that is primed for monetization.

Even if you have already been blogging for over a year, you can still benefit from the actionable advice from Chelsea on how to increase your blog traffic!

I love that Chelsea shares with us all the blogging tools and resources that she uses. She also shows us exactly how she uses those tools and how they benefit her blog business.

This is a highly-comprehensive and power-packed course that also includes Chelsea’s other standalone courses such as:

Affiliate Marketing Strategy,

Email Marketing Course,

Paid To Post – Influencer Marketing,

Pinterest Marketing Course,

The Blog Monetization Course, and more!

Compared to other courses with similar content, I would say that Chelsea’s course provides great value for money!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

If you want the full deal on learning how to build a blog from scratch, growing the blog, learning the tips and tricks needed to making money from your blog, and using social media to market your blog, this is it!

Considering how comprehensive this course is and the incredibly useful and actionable advice that Chelsea provides, this course is a real steal!

Check out Be Your Own Blog Boss Bundle right here!

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Email Marketing Course by Chelsea Clarke

Whether you want to know how to grow your email list from scratch or you already have a huge mailing list but don’t know how to monetize it, this course is perfect for you!

I have to say that I have been on Chelsea’s mailing list for over a year now. Her emails are one of those I actually look forward to receiving!

Not only are her emails filled with useful content, she often promotes different products and courses which never fail to intrigue me!

If you want to learn from a pro who knows exactly how to market to her mailing list without being ‘salesy’, this course is for you!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

You already have more than 10 posts in your blog and you want to build a base of loyal subscribers to market to increase your income revenue.

You are already generating a steady stream of blog traffic but you want a breakthrough in your blog income. This course will teach you how to nurture your readers so that they become loyal subscribers who will pay for the products you promote!

Check out Email Marketing Course right here!

Paid To Post Influencer Marketing, Sponsorship And Working With Brands by Chelsea Clarke

I attended this course through the Genius Blogger Toolkit 2018 and that was how I got to know about Chelsea.

Her course is easy to understand and filled with lots of useful information.

If you want to expand your business by making use of social media and establishing yourself as an influencer, then this course is right down your alley.

Who this blogging course is best suited:

If you have set your mind on developing your blog and yourself as an influencer and get paid for it, this course would definitely be essential in helping you achieve that.

Check out Paid To Post Influencer Marketing, Sponsorship And Working With Brands right here!


3 Free Pinterest Templates For Canva That Will Help You Create Beautiful Pins FAST


How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup

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When we talk about best blogging courses, we definitely cannot miss out Ruth Soukup and Elite Blog Academy.

If you wonder if you can really make money blogging, then this is the book for you. It is jam-packed with information and the chapters are put together in a highly organized and seamless manner.

This ultimate blogging guide will teach you how to start a blog on WordPress, how to build traffic for your blog, how to make use of social media to grow your audience and blog traffic, and how to monetize your blog.

You should know that reading Ruth Soukup’s book requires diligence and a lot of effort. This is not just a book that you will read through and forget.

This is a brilliant guide to blogging for beginners that requires you to highlight important points, take notes and make plans for your own blog along the way.

Unlike so many other successful bloggers who keep emphasizing on creating a fast-track to success, Ruth Soukup prepares the new blogger to be ready for a long journey of blogging. She also emphasizes on the importance of managing one’s expectations about building a profitable blog.

best blogging courses. blogging for money

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Ruth Soukup has been blogging for more than a decade and she has successfully created a guaranteed success formula for all new bloggers to follow. That is what Ruth Soukop’s Elite Blog Academy is all about.

However, if you aren’t already aware, the Elite Blog Academy only opens its doors to new students once a year, for five days only. The next time you can sign up for EBA will be March 2020.

Also, not everyone can afford the EBA course which costs $997 upwards, I included. But I sure am setting my eyes for EBA 2020!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

I will strongly recommend this who bloggers who enjoy reading and don’t require audio and video medium for learning.

Instead of waiting until March 2020 to start learning from Ruth Soukup and Elite Blog Academy, start today with this ultimate blogging guide!

Check out How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul right here!

Blog Flipping Masterclass by Chelsea Clarke

I am on the mailing list of around 20 big bloggers who have not only built highly successful blogs some of them also teach others how to achieve the same.

Among them all, Chelsea is the only one who talks about blog flipping.

Through this course, you will learn how to develop your blog into a valuable, profitable asset, worthy of selling for top dollar at auction.

This is definitely a unique course that teaches you about the business of blogging.

Even if you may not be ready to sell your blog right now, the tips in this course will teach you exactly how to build a blog that is profitable.



Who this blogging course is best suited:

You are a beginner blogger who wants to learn all about blogging for money. You want to learn all the different ways you can monetize your blog.

Putting aside learning about affiliate marketing, email marketing, and selling your products to make money, you can now also learn how to make a huge profit from selling your blog!

For advanced bloggers who have already spent years building and monetizing their blog, maybe it’s time to flip the blog for a major profit and move on to another venture.

You might desire a change, want to set up a blog of a totally different niche but are afraid to lose what you have built. But now you CAN choose to let go of your blog at a profit!

Learn all the ropes from Chelsea who is totally experienced in blog flipping!

Check out Blog Flipping Masterclass right here!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Best blogging courses on mastering Pinterest marketing

Pinterest Perfection Masterclass by Elna Cain

This is the very first Pinterest course that I took. It has helped me to lay down the important foundation needed to set up a Pinterest business account that is instrumental in driving free traffic to my blog.

I came across Elna’s Twins Mommy blog when I was searching on how to use Pinterest to increase traffic for my blog.

I was immediately won over by how beautiful and Pinterest-perfect Elna’s blog is. I didn’t hesitate in paying for her Pinterest Perfection Masterclass because I believe that she really knows her Pinning business well.

It most definitely helped that Elna’s Pinterest Perfection Masterclass is really affordable.

The funny thing is, sometimes we tend to assume that higher-priced items must be worth a lot of
value and the affordable ones might not be.

Yet the truth is, Elna’s course contains a lot of value in providing highly useful and actionable tips on utilizing Pinterest for your blogging business.

In addition, I have done quite a bit of research on various bloggers who are also selling Pinterest-related courses.

If you look at the Pinterest profile of some of these Pinterest course creators, their monthly Pinterest viewers are less than 500K.

Yes, many established bloggers will tell you that high monthly unique views on Pinterest do not necessarily translate to huge blog traffic.

But if you are a blogger selling a course on how to use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic, shouldn’t your Pinterest monthly views be high?

A high Pinterest monthly viewership would mean that the blogger is still very active on Pinterest and is putting their words into action.

Elna is one of the very few Pinterest course creators who currently has very high Pinterest monthly views at 1 million and a huge Pinterest following at 45.4K!

This tells me that the Pinterest methods that Elna teaches really work. And she truly knows her stuff because she’s totally on top of the game!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

If you are completely new to Pinterest and want to set your foundation right, this Pinterest course will provide you with valuable information at a pocket-friendly price!

Check out Pinterest Perfection Masterclass right here!


Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell

This is a very thorough Pinterest course for bloggers on how to grow your Pinterest and blog traffic through manual pinning.

I came across Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies recently and I was completely blown away by the immense amount of information that she has provided!

Ever since I started using Pinterest, I have been using Tailwind to schedule pins on Pinterest.

Tailwind is an incredibly useful tool in saving time and maximizing the benefits of using Pinterest.

(Receive one month of Tailwind for free by signing up here.)

But after going through Pinteresting Strategies, I realized that I have been doing it all wrong!

I really should have learned more about manual pinning on Pinterest before I jumped into scheduled pinning!

Pinteresting Strategies is a no-fluff course and Carly teaches you the exact steps she takes in pinning and growing her Pinterest and blog traffic.

She provides so many incredible tips and you have to make sure you take lots of notes along the way!

This course is most definitely something that you can go through a few times and refer back to master your Pinterest game.

If you want to grow your Pinterest account and blog traffic in the fastest way possible, then you have to check out Pinteresting Strategies.

To be honest, this Pinterest course is worth SO MUCH MORE than its price tag.

Who this blogging course is best suited:

You have been pinning using Tailwind but your blog traffic from Pinterest has reached a plateau.

You have are undecided about paying for a Pinterest scheduler even though many bloggers talk about how much time and effort is saved by using Tailwind.

You are going through the motion of pinning via Tailwind but have no real concept of what really works and what doesn’t in terms of growing your Pinterest traffic and your blog traffic.

You want to master the game of Pinterest to skyrocket your blog traffic.

I’m telling you, following the exact steps laid out by Carly in this amazing course will give you the breakthrough that your blog needs!

Just so you know, Carly has 3.1 million views on Pinterest and 42.8K followers! How’s that for a Pinterest marketing guru?

Check out Pinteresting Strategies right here!



how to create pinterest pins that will go viral. free 5 day easy pin design challenge

Pin Practical Promotions Primer by Monica Froese

To be honest, Monica’s signature course Pin Practical Promotions was out of my league because of the price tag.

But I have no doubt that the full-fledged Pin Practical Promotions course does live up to its stated value.

However, if you are on a budget and still need the best information you can get on setting up Pinterest advertising campaigns, then Pin Practical Promotions Primer is the perfect guide for you.

The step by step instructions on creating a Pinterest ad is very clear, and totally something you want to have on hand before starting your very first campaign.

Believe me, as much as setting up a paid Pinterest campaign is very easy and only takes several clicks, there is much more effort and thought needed for a successful campaign.

Trust me, because my very first Pinterest ad campaign was a total flop.

I thought I could figure it all by myself since the platform was so easy to use. But boy, was I wrong!

Thankfully, I learned my lesson and put my pride aside by admitting that I really needed guidance on setting up Pinterest ad campaigns.

So, I reached out to Monica’s Pin Practical Promotions Primer!

This step by step guide totally crystallized the entire process of setting up a Pinterest ad campaign.

You will also learn brilliant tips and tricks on monitoring your campaign and evaluating the results.

All this information can only be learned after going through many, MANY ad campaigns.

But instead of losing money doing your own trial and error, Monica has already sorted everything out for you! This is exactly why investing in Monica’s course is absolutely worthwhile.

Who this blogging course is best suited:

You want to grow your Pinterest blog traffic in the fastest way possible and are willing to pay to run advertising campaigns.

Instead of hiring a marketing manager who will charge a premium, you can totally crush it with this incredible Pinterest Promotion guide!

This guide is the next best thing to attending Monica’s Pin Practical Promotions if you are limited by budget.

Check out Pin Practical Promotions Primer right here!

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Pin Practical Promotions by Monica Froese

The truth is, you cannot sign up for the course any time you want even if you can afford to because Pin Practical Promotions is only open several times a year.

Whether it’s due to budget constraints or bad timing, Pin Practical Promotions Primer as I have mentioned above will definitely be a valuable stand-in.

But the real deal is still Monica’s signature course —  Pin Practical Promotions.

I know that because as much as I have seen some success in my Pinterest ad campaigns by following Pin Practical Promotions Primer, I have barely scratched the surface of this Pinterest profit mountain because there is still so much for be learned about running truly profitable Pinterest promotions!

Monica provides the exact formula to run successful Pinterest ad campaigns that will help you skyrocket your blog traffic and blog income!

She provides detailed guidance on the technical aspects of monitoring your Pinterest campaigns and evaluating the results. After all, you want to know that the money you put into advertising is reaping the expected returns.

Other than being absolutely certain of what she is doing on Pinterest, Monica is a great coach. Her videos and written guides are so clear and concise that even the complete newbie and tech-idiot will be able to follow!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

Anyone who wants a fast-track to exploding their Pinterest growth and skyrocketing their blog traffic!

Check out Pin Practical Promotions right here!

Best blogging courses on affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers by Carly Campbell

I think Carly stands out among the crowd that she is always direct, no-nonsense, and truly tells you something as it is.

The most valuable insight that I have gained from this course is how she marketed the Genius Blogger Toolkit to her mailing list without coming across as ‘salesy’.

The last thing we want is for us to push our subscribers away by making them think all we want is to get into their pockets.

Yet, if we cannot profit from our mailing list, why would we spend so much time and effort growing it?

In this course, Carly gives you the exact copies that she emailed over the few days where she promoted The Genius Blogger Toolkit to her subscribers.

She highlights why and how she conveys the marketing message in her email while still making her subscribers feel respected and valued.

Carly also gives examples of how she includes affiliate links in her blog posts.

The case studies that she shares are very useful in illustrating what constitutes good affiliate marketing practices.

This is definitely a very hands-on course where you want to take on a lot of notes. But remember, practice makes perfect!

You’d probably want to refer to Carly’s tips several times and modify the way you approach affiliate marketing until you see improved returns!

But if you apply what she taught you, you definitely will see the profits of affiliate marketing rolling right in!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

Let’s just say if want to master your affiliate marketing skill and you can only afford one course, this is it.

Check out Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers right here!

Pin Practical Influence by Monica Froese

Monica shares how to make use of Pinterest traffic to boost your affiliate income.

She also provides important tips and tricks on planning your pinning strategies to maximize returns for your affiliate marketing promotions.

You will learn the different types of blog posts you can write to promote your affiliates’ products and what will suit your niche best.

My biggest take-home from this course is how Monica strategizes her affiliate marketing promotions for Elite Blog Academy to generate huge amounts of sales.

This is a brilliant strategy to learn because EBA only opens its doors once a year but if you truly want to make a huge profit out of it, you need to plan way ahead to nurture your potential customers.

Who this blogging course is best suited:

Anyone who is wants to build their blog income stream through affiliate marketing and using Pinterest to do that.

Check out Pin Practical Influence right here


Affiliate Marketing Strategy by Chelsea Clarke 

This is an affiliate marketing guide that is highly informative with actionable advice that is great for beginners who want to build their affiliate income.

Who this blogging course is best suited:

You heard about bloggers talking about affiliate marketing but you have no idea where and how you can start.

You want to be sure that you actually want to stick your thumb into the affiliate marketing business.

You want to learn more about affiliate marketing before jumping into action and you want to get the best information out of the smallest budget.

This affiliate marketing guide is perfect for you!

Check out Affiliate Marketing Strategy right here!


best blogging courses. blogging for money

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Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers by Kimi Kinsey

This is a comprehensive course on the subject of affiliate marketing.

Kimi provides great tips on how and where to include affiliate links so that you can bring in the greatest returns.

She also goes into detail on how to find the right affiliate programs that suit your niche.

I also like the inclusion of case studies in the course that act as examples for you to emulate as a complete newbie to affiliate marketing.

Who this blogging course is best suited:

Anyone who wants to approach affiliate marketing the right way by finding the right affiliate programs to join and the steps needed to market affiliate products effectively.

Check out Affiliate Marketing By Bloggers right here!

Best blogging courses on graphic design

The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit by Kara Fidd

Kara is my go-to blogger for anything related to graphic design.

Before I learned the skills to create printables on Adobe, I was depending on Kara for her incredibly easy to use Canva templates!

This course is the complete blogging hack for creating blog-growing-money-making graphics while keeping your sanity.

Instead of spending time to learn how to design, just use these incredible templates to make sure all your graphics and blog design look beautiful and professional!

The templates in this toolkit will save you hours and hours of pain and headache and get beautiful products almost instantly!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

You have no experience in design and you cannot afford the time to learn about designing.

Just use the extensive templates included in this toolkit and simply plug and play on Canva!

A great time-saver and, dare I say, life-saver for all non-designer bloggers!

Check out The Complete Bloggers Template Toolkit right here!

The Holiday Template Toolkit by Kara Fidd

We all know that the final quarter of the year is the most profitable quarter for retailers and bloggers!

This toolkit contains Canva templates to help you prepare your seasonal content.

I am sure you want to maximize your blog profits with the least amount of time spent especially since mom bloggers are so busy with managing the kids and household at the same time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to design all of your seasonal content in a fraction of time?

And the truth is, there really isn’t much time left! If you want to bank in on the holiday season to make the most out of your blogging business, then this toolkit will be the perfect lifesaver for you!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

Anyone who wants to create beautiful digital products for sale to take advantage of the holiday season but are pressed for time.

These plug and play Canva templates are a great help!

Check out The Holiday Template Toolkit right here!

Design With Typography by Kimi Kinsey

I have to admit this wasn’t one of the courses that I would consider purchasing with limited budget and priorities as a new blogger. But I am so glad to get access to this course through the Genius Blogger Toolkit!

This is also why it is always a good idea to look out for bundle deals that provide you with great value at a hugely discounted price!

Anyway, I went through this course and it opened my eyes to a lot of fine details only a professional design would know.

I have to admit I am not the most creative person in the room but I have taken a huge interest in creating printables and pins which require quite a bit of creative design work.

This course provides useful tips on refining your design and how to bring your blog design to the next level.

If you are wondering why your pins don’t seem to gain enough traction, one big reason could also be due to the pin design.

If so, let the brilliant design tips and tricks in this course help you master your blog design and Pinterest game!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

You are a perfectionist always looking to improve your blog. You have pretty much gotten the hang of the major issues such as SEO, growing your list, and having affiliate marketing on your plate.

Now could be the time to improve your blog design to make it look more professional!

If you feel that you have totally no idea what good design is all about and want to start your blog design and pin creations on the right foot, then you should dive right into this course for the incredible design tips!

Check out Design With Typography right here!

free blog planner. blogtastic planner 2020

Graphic Design For Bloggers: Design Principles For Online Marketing by Kara Fidd

This is an absolutely eye-opening course on graphic design for non-designer bloggers!

The step by step videos are incredibly helpful in teaching you how to use the various design software to create beautiful pins and banners in minutes!

Using templates is definitely a time-saver when it comes to creating beautiful and professional graphics for your blog and digital products.

But if you ever wonder why some pins are just more beautiful and attractive as compared to yours, then it’s probably time to really learn the important principles to follow in graphic design.

Trust me, Kara has this amazing way of making graphic design and learning about it, super fun and easy!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

You truly want to learn the exact skills of graphic design in the easiest and fastest way.

You want to understand the concepts behind what makes a design look good.

Look no further!

Check out Graphic Design For Bloggers: Design Principles For Online Marketing right here!

Best blogging courses on digital product creation

Product Creators Ultimate Toolkit by Kara Fidd

Done for you product creation system that you can use to create and launch every product.

Whether you are looking at creating planners, worksheets, ebooks or instructional products for sale or as lead magnets, this ultimate toolkit will totally change the game for you!

As I have already mentioned, Kara is my go-to blogger for professional designs and incredibly easy to use templates.

With the holiday season just around the corner, you should really take full advantage of this amazing toolkit to create your digital products in hours, not weeks!

This could be the key to generating a passive stream of income through your blog! You will be selling products that you have created and not just earning from advertisements.

Who this blogging course is best suited:

Any blogger who wants to take charge and increase their income by selling their own digital products the fastest and easiest way possible.

Check out the Product Creators Ultimate Toolkit right here!

How To Create Printables by Sarah Titus

I owe it to this very course for the fact that I can now confidently create beautiful and useful printables that help me grow my mailing list immensely and also sell for profit as part of my blogging business!

This is a step by step guide that will help you design beautiful printables using Photoshop Elements.

I know using Photoshop sounds very intimidating for complete beginners.

Trust me, I was a complete beginner too.

But this course is so comprehensive and detailed that it made it really easy even for beginners and non-designers like me!

You also don’t have to worry about buying the Photoshop program yet.

My recommendation is for you to commit to setting aside time for this course and then sign up for a 30-day free trial for Photoshop Elements. Try out the design program as you go through this course.

As much as I like using Canva for designing pins and some printables, I still think Photoshop Elements provides much better functions and more professional effects than Canva.

And remember, I am a non-designer and complete beginner prior to blogging. If I can do it, you do it too!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

Any blogger who is truly interested in creating beautiful and practical printables that people will pay for.

Check out How To Create Printables right here!

Best blogging courses on Shopify

Top 13 Things To Sell In Shopify by Sarah Titus

Will you believe if I told you that there are bloggers and solopreneurs who have made millions by selling digital products online?

It’s really true!

If you are thinking of building a side business but have no idea what to sell, or you are great with crafts but not sure if your creations will actually be sellable.

Then this course will help you figure it all out!

Sometimes you really don’t need to think out of the box to earn big bucks.

What you really need to the correct formula to follow in order to be successful. A proven formula that is already generating thousands and even millions for someone else.

So, grab a notebook and go through this course carefully to find your golden goose!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

Anyone who wants to set up an online shop either as a side hustle or with the intention of building it into a full-time business.

Check out Top 13 Things To Sell In Shopify right here!

best blogging courses. blogging for money

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Million Dollar Shop by Sarah Titus

If you already have products to sell and are looking for the best platform to do so, then this course will be incredibly helpful.

You would also want to look at this course if you are currently selling digital products on your blog but want to expand your business by selling the same products on another platform.

This is the most comprehensive step by step guide that will teach you the ins and outs of setting up a profitable business on Shopify.

Who this blogging course is best suited:

Any blogger who wants to expand their online business by selling digital products and generating a passive income stream.

Check out Million Dollar Shop right here!

Best blogging courses on sales page creation

Confident funnels: Elementor Page Templates by Kara Fidd

If you are wondering why your sales pages are not converting as much as you have hoped them to, then it’s probably time to seek help from the pros!

Or if you have great products to sell but you find it absolutely challenging to do copywriting and designing your own sales pages, then getting sales page templates is definitely the way to go!

There are three styles in this Confident Funnels bundle.

These beautifully designed page templates will give you every step of your funnel to skyrocket your sales! No sweat!

All templates can be uploaded directly to Elementor (FREE or PRO) and be edited to match your brand.

Who this blogging course is best suited:

Any blogger who wants to improve their online product sales with high converting sales funnels.

Any blogger who has difficulty and limited time in creating beautiful sales pages.

Check out Confident Funnels: Elementor Page Templates right here!

Practical Funnels LeadPages Templates by Monica Froese

If you don’t wish to use Elementor to create your sales page funnels, then this will be for you!

This blogging course includes six high-converting LeadPages templates you can edit to match your own brand.

Everyone who has come across Monica Froese’s courses and products will know that her sales pages are not only beautiful, they are also very convincing.

Now that she has revealed her secret to success, you should most definitely grab these sales page template to help you with your blogging business!

Who this blogging course is best suited:

Any blogger who wants to improve their online product sales with high converting sales funnels.

Any blogger who has difficulty and limited time in creating beautiful sales pages.

Any blogger who would prefer using LeadPages over Elementor.

Check out Practical Funnels LeadPages Templates right here!


What’s your next step?

Let me know in the comments which are your favorite blogging courses in this list!

Which is the next course that you want to take up? If you need help with a personalized recommendation on which blogging course to sign up for that will best suit your needs and current blogging stage, leave your questions in the comments below and I will do my best to help!

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Jen February 25, 2020 - 3:31 pm

Wow thanks for the great guide! My 2020 goal is to start making money ?

Faith February 26, 2020 - 2:17 am

You’re most welcome! Wishing you all the best with your blog business this year! Do let me know if you need any further recommendations for which blogging courses to take that will best suit your needs!

Jen February 25, 2020 - 6:31 pm

Awesome list! I’m familiar with over half of them and would say Kara Fidd templates are the best!

Faith February 26, 2020 - 2:16 am

I totally agree! I’m a fan of Kara’s templates too!

Jessica February 25, 2020 - 10:48 pm

This is a great resource for bloggers and those who are wanting to get started. I think both new and seasoned bloggers will benefit from many of these courses.

Faith February 26, 2020 - 2:15 am

Yes, indeed! Thank you so much for reading this post on blogging courses! I sure hope it has been helpful to you too!

Desiree February 26, 2020 - 10:58 am

What a great round-up of courses! I’ve taken a few of these myself!

Faith February 26, 2020 - 10:12 pm

Thanks so much for reading!


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