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by Faith
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Edit: We are currently not accepting any new enrolments for Breakthrough $100 program.

Have you made your first hundred dollars in a month selling printables?

If you haven’t, I want to help you!

I would like to invite you to join my new program “Breakthrough $100”

Please note that this program is only for beginners who are keen on selling printables or have already started selling printables on ANY kind of online platform.

You may have already earned a few hundred dollars accumulated over time but what I want to do is help you make a breakthrough and earn $100 PROFIT in one month.

Are you ready?

Let’s get started!

Who Breakthrough $100 program is suited for

1) Anyone who WANTS TO LEARN how to create printables using PowerPoint, Excel, Canva OR Photoshop and to sell them to make money.

2) Anyone who ALREADY KNOWS how to create printables and want to sell them to make money.

3) Anyone who is ALREADY SELLING printables but want to make a breakthrough in your profits!

What you will do in Breakthrough $100

1) Learn the skills to create printables through my How To Create Printables Challenge. Whether you are a complete beginner or you are an intermediate creator, this Challenge will provide you with more skills and ideas on what printables to create and how to create them.

2) Create a brand-new set of printables and sell them on my shop with Private Label Rights. Yes, you are going to create a new set of printables with fully editable source files that other people would buy so that they can use and sell in their own shops!

Why would anyone want to join Breakthrough $100?

The truth is, the PLR niche is much more profitable than selling printables to the end consumer.

You can sell one set of printables at a much higher price as compared to in your shop for the end consumer.

Also, if you already have the skills to create printables, why not sell your creations with editable source files as well? This could bring you much more profit with the same amount of time and effort you spent in creating.

Of course, marketing and selling those PLR printables is a different ball game as compared to selling your printables on Etsy.

Therefore, this is where I come in to help you!

What I will do for you in Breakthrough $100

1) I will look through your created printables and provide my professional opinion on how to make them more sellable.

2) I will upload your creation to my PLR shop and promote to my audience to buy.

3) I will create relevant graphics like shop feature banners to promote your PLR creation.

How you will benefit from Breakthrough $100

1) Instead of starting a shop from scratch you already have a bustling shop (mine!) that can add your products to!

2) Instead of worrying about who to sell to, you have my ready audience willing to buy PLR printables!

3) And you WILL make money from selling this PLR product that you have created!

Do note that you will be the one doing all the designing. My role is to review your work and to provide recommendations, based on my design experience and business expertise, on how to improve your product design and its content to make it more sellable.

You can definitely learn a lot through this personalized coaching from me!

How you will make money from Breakthrough $100

For all Breakthrough $100 projects, the content creator, aka YOU, will receive 80% commission for every successful sale.

This commission structure will stay for as long as you want to keep your product in my store.

After you have created your product, I review and when we have finalized the product, I will list it in my store and run a launch promotion for it for one week.

After the launch promotion, you can choose to take back your product and I will simply remove it from my store. You can also choose to leave the product listed on my shop so when there are any other sales made, you will still receive 80% commission!

Of course, if you have your own shop, you can feel free to list it on your shop for sale as well. But I do request that I get the exclusive right to promote your product during the week of product launch.

Want to work with me and make some money?


  1. How soon can I start selling my PLR creation in your shop?

Right after you complete your payment and enroll in Breakthrough $100, you will get access to How To Create Printables Challenge.

You can learn at your own pace and create your PLR creation anytime!

Once you have completed your PLR creation, send the source files to me and I will look through and make any recommendations to improve it, if necessary.

I will then create the product feature banner and upload your PLR creation to my shop and we can decide on the product launch date!

2. I already know how to create printables on my own, can I opt-out of How To Create Printables Challenge and get a discount on enrollment fees for Breakthrough $100?

The How To Create Printables Challenge is included in the Breakthrough $100 program and cannot be taken out.

Whether or not you choose to go through the Challenge, it’s entirely up to you. But you get lifetime access to the Challenge and the video tutorials PLR templates included. And those are still very helpful resources!

3. How many PLR creations can I create and upload to your shop?

You can create as many PLR creations as you like! However, as part of the Breakthrough $100 program, you can only select ONE PLR creation to be sold in my shop.

Moving forward, if you want to sell more PLR products, you’d have to set up your own PLR shop! And if you need, I can continue to guide you for your next steps in growing your business then!

You can take back your creation from my shop and sell it on your own after the objective of Breakthrough $100 has been achieved.

4. Can I sell a PLR creation that I am already selling elsewhere?

Sorry, nope. If you are already selling PLR products and need help with promotions, I’d love to join your affiliate program to help you promote your products! Just drop me an email or reach me via the contact form on the right hand drop-down menu.

But if you are still struggling to earn more than $100 a month, yes you can still join Breakthrough $100! However, it has to be a BRAND NEW PLR creation that you make for this program and to sell in my shop.

5. Can I sell a PLR creation based on an existing set of printables that I’m already selling in my Etsy shop?

Yes you can! If you are already selling printables (for personal use) on an online platform and you want to convert ONE of those into a PLR product for Breakthrough $100 program, you can!

6. What kind of editable source files should I create?

The most popular PLR products come with editable PowerPoint source files. This means that you create your printables using PowerPoint, then sell those editable PowerPoint files.

Of course, you can also complete your creations in Canva, Excel, and Photoshop Elements. But based on my experience and industry demands, PowerPoint PLR and Canva products are the most popular.

7. Will people know it’s MY PLR creation?

Yes, they will! Even though your PLR creation is listed in my shop for sale through the Breakthrough $100 program, I will specifically state on the product listing and during my promotions that the PLR product is made by you.

This gives you the added advantage of letting people recognize you for your good work!

8. Will I be able to know the names and email addresses of the people who purchased my PLR creation from your shop?

Nope. The main objective of Breakthrough $100 is to help you have a breakthrough in your monthly profits from the printables you create.

By selling your creation in my shop, you are letting my audience get to know you. This will certainly help you if you want to sell more PLR products in the future!

9. Are you able to guarantee that I will make a profit of more than $100 in less than one month?

I pride myself to run an honest business and I won’t lie to you. I CANNOT guarantee you that.

How successful a PLR product is depends on the quality of the product, when the product is sold, and what kind of printables it is.

As much as possible, I will help you make sure that the quality of your product is good enough to be sold!

Also, I am committed to making sure you will recoup your capital AND make a $100 profit which is why, as mentioned above, I have planned out the commission structure in such a way for YOU to make the most out of every sale.

Because I am serious about helping you achieve that breakthrough!

10. Why are you doing this?

The courses and products I create are done with one mission – to add value to you and your business.

I know my audience is full of aspiring entrepreneurs who, like me, just want to make some money online.

It can be a side hustle while you are caring for kids, to grow your savings, grow your retirement nest, or to pay off your mortgage.

Whatever the reason is, I believe I can help you achieve that!

All it takes is to have a small breakthrough, in this case, is to earn more than $100 in PROFITS in one month to get you going!

Once you know how to achieve that, you can SCALE UP your business and earn even more!

I used to struggle with just making tens of dollars or even just a few dollars a month even though I was spending so much time creating.

But once my profits surpassed $100, then $500, then $3000 a month, the business just keeps on rolling!

So let me help you with this breakthrough!

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Ro September 10, 2021 - 10:37 pm

Is this considered a course or a mentorship program?

Faith September 11, 2021 - 3:19 am

Hi Ro, thanks for asking! Breakthrough $100 is a mentorship program.

Kristen Roush April 2, 2022 - 6:06 pm

Hi Faith! When will this be open for enrollment again? Thank you!

Faith April 4, 2022 - 2:30 am

Thank you for your interest, Kristen! I do not yet have a plan to re-open the Breakthrough $100 program for now. I might look into revising the program and re-launching it again later this year. Appreciate your kind support!


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