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by Faith
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Have you ever wondered — “How do I make my own printables?

The truth is, it is really EASY to make your own printable designs!

In fact, not only can you easily create printables with your laptop/computer, you can also make money by selling printables right from the comfort of your own home!

Personally, I have been selling printables online since 2018.

I have sold thousands of different printables to users all over the world.

What I love most about creating and selling printables online is that it allows me to make money while working from home and still taking care of three young children!

I also love that I can generate a stream of passive income because one printable creation can be sold for months, and even, years!

This is especially true for evergreen printables, for example, undated planner printables and printable activities for children.

So if you were to ask me, “Can you make money selling printables?“, my answer is a resounding “YES!”

how to create and sell printables to make money

How can I make my own printables for free?

If you are interested to start a side hustle by making money online, creating and selling printables is definitely a viable option.

Naturally, as you are starting out, you’d want to keep your capital outlay to the minimum.

The good news is, there are different software that you can use to create printables for FREE.

Just to name a few, here are the programs that I use to make printabes:

  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Canva
  • Word
  • Photoshop Elements

All the software listed above can be used for free, except Photoshop Elements.

I am sure most of us, if not all, already have PowerPoint, Excel, and Word programs on our computers.

So you can literally start to create printables right away without having to pay for any fancy design software!

How to make planner printables?

If you are wondering what printables to start creating first, planner printables would definitely be a good option.

Not only do people search for free printable planners online, many people are also willing to pay for beautiful and practical planner printables!

To give you a headstart in creating and selling planner printables, I’ve got a FREE, gorgeous, done-for-you floral planner 2021 that you can sign up for right here!

FREE golden floral monthly planner sign up banner

This set of floral planner comes in both landscape and portrait layouts. You will be receiving them in PDF and JPEG files.

The best part is, this printable monthly planner comes with COMMERCIAL LICENSE, which means you can upload and sell right away and keep all the profits!

After you sign up, you will also receive some training on how to start selling printables online without any startup capital. I can’t wait for you to get started!

How to make printables course

Just as every other skill, designing and creating printables will take learning and practice.

I currently offer two courses that train my students on creating printables and digital planners.

1. How To Create Digital Planners

In this course, you will learn step by step how to convert existing printables into hyperlinked, interactive digital planners using PowerPoint.

You will also learn how to create digital planners from scratch.

If you already have some basic knowledge on how to create printables, then this course will be perfect for you.

In fact, with the skills learned from this course, you not only can create digital planners, you will be able to create digital workbooks, journals, activity books, handbooks, ebooks, and whatever you can think of!

For more details on How To Create Digital Planners, read on here.

2. How To Create Printables 12-Day Challenge

This 12-Day Challenge is like a mini crash course on how to create printables!

Over a period of 12 days, you will receive one video tutorial each day via email on how to create different types of printables.

In this How To Create Printables course, you will learn the following (not in chronological order)

  1. How to create a comprehensive daily planner in Excel
  2. How to create a grocery list in Excel
  3. How to create a landscape monthly planner in Excel
  4. How to create digital planner stickers in Canva
  5. How to create a two-column checklist in Canva
  6. How to create an undated monthly planner in Canva
  7. How to create gift tags in PowerPoint
  8. How to create digital planner stickers in Canva
  9. How to create an undated monthly planner in PowerPoint
  10. How to create coloring pages in Photoshop Elements
  11. How to create wall art in Photoshop Elements
  12. How to create cake toppers in Photoshop Elements

As you can see, over the next 12 days, you will be able to learn how to create different types of printables in different design software — PowerPoint, Excel, Canva, and Photoshop Elements.

This will give you a good idea of which program is best suitable for you to start creating your own printables to sell!

You can also then decide if you want to pay for any of the above software or simply use the free programs to get started!

For each day of the Challenge, you will receive a step by step video tutorial along with the exact fully-customizable templates as shown in the tutorial!

All the templates included in this 12-Day Challenge come with commercial rights.

This means that you can use those templates to quickly and easily customize and create new printables to sell in your shop! Or simply upload the done-for-you planners and sell to make money right away!

Some video tutorials are less than 10 minutes while some are 20 minutes long. 

I’d recommend that you set aside about 30 minutes every day to go through each of the video tutorials every day and immediately work on the templates to create something new!

That way, in less than two weeks, you will have 12 sets of printables all ready to sell and make money online!  

Since the templates provided in this How To Create Printables 12-Day Challenge come with commercial rights, you’d need to pay a small nominal fee to get access to them.

For just over $1 a day, you can receive ALL 12 PLR (private label rights) templates along with the video tutorials sent directly to your inbox!

Before you know it, you’re going to be so adept at creating printables and selling them online to make hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every month!

Sign up to join our 12-Day How To Create Printables Challenge for only $17 right here!

Note: You can now access this Challenge in two ways! One is via the 12-day email course as mentioned above. The other is to access the Challenge via my course platform and go through the course at your own pace! The content are the SAME. The only difference is the method of delivery!

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