5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why The Genius Blogger Toolkit Is Not For You

by Faith
why the genius blogger toolkit is not for you

Next week is a really exciting week in the blogging world!

Because the Genius Blogger Toolkit 2019 will be on sale!!

What Is The Genius Blogger Toolkit?

The Genius Blogger Toolkit (GBTK) is a bundle of incredibly useful blogging tools and resources that are specially curated by Ultimate Bundles.

This ultimate blogging bundle contains blogging resources with a combined value worth thousands of dollars but are on a flash sale for less than $100!

Whether you are completely new to blogging or you are an intermediate or advanced blogger, there is something in this blogging bundle for you!

There is going to be a total of over 90 blogging resources with a combined value of more than $7000 in the Genius Blogger Toolkit 2019.

That means you will have more than 90 reasons to grab this blogging resource bundle!

But I’m not going to tell you about the 90 reasons why you should get the Genius Blogger Toolkit.

Because let’s face it, the Genius Blogger Toolkit, no matter how amazing it really is, is not for everyone.

Therefore, I want you to seriously consider these reasons to determine if the Genius Blogger Toolkit is really for you.

TGBTK 2019

5 Crazy Reasons Why The Genius Blogger Toolkit Is Not For You


1. You Don’t Enjoy Work Flexibility Or Fancy The Idea Of Running An Online Business

You totally love your regular day job, you love your boss, AND you love the pay that you are getting.

You are satisfied with the time that you have with your family even though you work really long hours.

You don’t think a work from home opportunity is suitable for you.

You’d rather work FOR someone and forgo control of your own time and income.

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What the Genius Blogger Toolkit can actually do for you:


how the genius blogger toolkit can help you make money blogging

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The GBTK is filled with lots of resources which will point you the way of setting up a blog and how to make money blogging. 

Being able to monetize your blog means you have a way of earning an income by working from the comfort of your home.

This means you will not be at the mercy of your boss.

YOU are the boss. You call the shots. You determine the number of hours you work each week.

You don’t even have to call in sick or take leave just so you can spend more time with your children.

THAT is autonomy and having the flexibility to LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT.

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2. You Are Not Interested In Having Passive Income

You don’t fancy the idea of money entering your bank account while you are sleeping or on vacation.

You don’t think it’s possible to get paid when you are not actively putting in hours of work.


What the Genius Blogger Toolkit can actually do for you:

Even for a small blogger like me, I have already started to reap the benefits of having a passive stream of income.

I could be having a family vacation in the UK and getting email notifications that someone has purchased printables from my shop.

I could wake up in the morning to notifications that more printables in my shop have been sold. That means money was transferred into my PayPal account while I was sleeping!

That is the beauty of passive income in action!

I am not going to lie to you. The journey of building a passive income stream is NOT EASY. 

But just think of the immense benefits that you can enjoy when you have placed mechanisms in place that put money in your bank even while you are sleeping or on vacation!

THAT is freedom! You no longer have to be at the mercy of your boss, slogging your butts off and still only getting paid as many hours as you put in.

Having a passive income means you put in hours of work and then reaping weeks and years of pay thereafter!

The Genius Blogger Toolkit has resources from bloggers who have successfully made a steady stream of regular income that can help you achieve the same.


3. You Don’t Like To Save Money

You don’t enjoy shopping when there’s a sale and you think you just want to spend on what you really want, AT THE REGULAR PRICES.

TGBTK 2019

What the Genius Blogger Toolkit can actually do for you:

As mentioned earlier, the GBTK is a compilation of over 90 amazing blogging resources going on sale at a tiny fraction of the actual value of all the resources combined.

In other words, this is a super money-saving, value-packed bundle.

At a total value of over $7000, the Genius Blogger Toolkit will be going on sale for less than $100!

How’s that even possible??

I understand if you are skeptical about this deal that seems too good to be true.

The honest truth is this:

Because the Genius Blogger Toolkit is only on a FLASH SALE a just a few days, the various product creators are willing to have their products be put on sale at a really low price.

The Genius Blogger Toolkit will fall into the hands of thousands of customers whom the individual product creators might never be able to reach on their own.

Through participating in the GBTK sale by Ultimate Bundles, product creators can gain new subscribers and followers who have purchased the Bundle.

This will open doors to more sales through up-sells and special offers only available to those who purchased the Genius Blogger Toolkit.

Of course, these product creators also get to earn a commission from sales made through their own marketing efforts.

Customers get an incredible deal through purchasing the Genius Blogger Toolkit, product creators gain new followers and then more sales, and Ultimate Bundles earn from their sales efforts. 

In short, it’s a win-win-win situation for everyone!


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4. You Prefer Figuring Things Out On Your Own

You prefer taking the long, arduous journey of figuring things out completely on your own even though you might be totally clueless.

You feel that there is no one better to trust because your situation is unique and entirely different from everyone else.

Well, I hate to burst your bubble. But coming from a point of love and understanding, I would like to lovingly tell you that you are not alone.

Trust me.

Many moms, stay at home moms and working moms included, are dealing with so many struggles every single day.

I do not doubt that there may be parts of your situation which someone else might not be able to fully understand.

But I do KNOW FOR CERTAIN that it IS possible to find someone you can relate to.

What’s more, this someone can even HELP YOU.


5 crazy reasons why the genius blogger toolkit is not for you

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What the Genius Blogger Toolkit can actually do for you:

If you are intrigued by the idea of working from home or you would simply love to earn a side income, then blogging may just be the right solution for you.

Yes, trying something new can be very intimidating. I fully understand because that was exactly what I had been through.

Making the decision to start blogging was easy, the actual act of blogging and figuring out how to make money from it was really difficult.

In fact, I absolutely thought I could figure things out on my own and spent several months testing and trying.

The truth is, you CAN probably figure about this blogging business and side hustle completely on your own.

But the question is, how much time and effort do you want to take?

If successful bloggers who have been there, done that, are willing to share with you the exact steps to making money from blogging, wouldn’t you want this hand-holding?

Think of all the time that you can save!


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Think of how soon you can even fire your boss.

Think of the luxury of spending weekdays with your kids without rushing from meeting to meeting at the office.

Think of the mortgage that you can pay off or the second car that you have been wanting to buy.

All the above ARE POSSIBLE.

You WILL NEED EFFORT, that’s for sure.

But lotsa time can be SAVED if you would make good use of these resources in the Genius Blogger Toolkit.

One thing about blogging that I have learned is that you have to be willing to learn constantly.

So, even if you are an intermediate blogger, there are still so much to learn from other bloggers with a larger following or a larger income.

And the Genius Blogger Toolkit is your energy-saving, time-saving, money-saving solution.

5. You Have Absolutely No Intention Of Becoming An Affiliate Marketer, Ever.

Affiliate marketing is when you refer someone to a product that you have used and you earn a commission when the person purchases it.

You don’t have to create your own product. You simply point someone TO a product that is only being sold by someone else.

TGBTK 2019

What the Genius Blogger Toolkit can actually do for you:

You see, most product creators only want affiliate marketing to be done by their own customers.

They want people who have used and love their products to spread the word to others.

In terms of online courses and digital products, to be an affiliate marketer means you would have spent money buying and using each product.

That will probably cost you thousands of dollars!

But by getting the Genius Blogger Toolkit, you have direct access to over 90 blogging resources which means you CAN POTENTIALLY BE an affiliate marketer of 90+ products!

Then again, let’s be realistic, having access to 90 blogging resources doesn’t mean you will become an affiliate marketer of all 90 resources.

Chances are, you only truly love 20 of them and maybe only 10 of them offer you affiliate opportunities.

Instead of spending $297 on ONE blogging course and then becoming an affiliate marketing because you love that course, you can now do the same for less than $100!

Multiply that by 10 amazing products that you market for, you will soon be on your way laughing to the bank because of your passive affiliate income!

In fact, you can probably tell by now that I am an affiliate with Ultimate Bundles. And yes, I LOVE THE GENIUS BLOGGER TOOLKIT.


how the genius blogger toolkit can help you make money blogging

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It is super easy to become an affiliate with Ultimate Bundles. Simply sign up here.

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