4 Easy Steps On How To Define Your Avatar And Grow Your Blog Traffic!

by Faith

I recently attended a free training on choosing a blog niche that makes you money.

My biggest takeaway is this:

We need to be writing what our avatar wants, and NOT what we want.

Sounds simple right?

But I think many of us have made, or are still making this mistake!

In fact, this could be the mistake that is making you lose your blog traffic!

As bloggers, we all want voices to be heard.

In fact, that could be one of the reasons why we started blogging in the first place!

Yet the truth is, not everyone wants to hear what we want to say. #truthhurts


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Why you need to define your avatar

Of course, if you just want to blog as a hobby with no intention of monetizing your blog, then yea, you can pretty much write whatever you want!

BUT, if you want to build a profitable blog and grow a blog that your READERS will love and would even pay for your products and services, then you MUST write stuff that your readers want.

This doesn’t mean that having a unique voice is not important.

In fact, it is!

Your unique voice, personality, and experiences can be the reasons why your readers love your blog (and you!).


What you have to keep in mind is that every time you write a blog post or create a new product, you are doing it with your target audience, aka avatar, in mind.

You are writing to add value to your avatar.

You are creating a product to help your avatar solve a problem.

That is how you and your blog can truly add value to your audience and grow their love and NEED for you and your blog.


4 Easy Steps On How To Define Your Avatar And Grow Your Blog Traffic!

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The next question will be: Who is my blog’s avatar?

It is always more effective to know exactly the PERSON you are writing to.

Only then can you make your message direct and highly relatable to your target audience.

You want your reader to think, “OMG. That’s me! She’s talking TO me! She knows exactly how I feel!”

So that when you offer a product as a solution to your avatar’s problem, they are much more likely to pay for your product and service because they know you understand their pain points and they believe you CAN help them!


With that in mind, I have created a Target Audience Analysis (FREE!) for you.

If you are a new or intermediate blogger and have never done a similar exercise of thinking through EXACTLY who your target audience is, then this exercise is designed for you!

If you are an advanced blogger, this Target Audience Analysis exercise can still be helpful to you especially if you feel that your blog traffic has reached a bottleneck.

This may mean you are losing your previous target audience. With the current changes in our global community and economy, it could also affect the demand for the existing products and services that you are providing.

It would then be a good idea to re-evaluate your avatar and if you should be growing along with your avatar’s changing needs and respectively changing your blog content, products, and services, too.


How to define your avatar: Target Audience Analysis exercise


There are four parts to the Target Audience Analysis exercise.


Part 1: Who is my avatar?

The purpose of this Target Audience Analysis exercise is to be as specific as possible in determining who your avatar is and how you can help them.

What is your avatar’s gender, age, socio-economic status, spending habits, and dreams and aspirations?

Use the guiding questions in the Target Audience Analysis to draw out a clear picture of your avatar — the person whom you want to talk to directly and can build a connection with.


Part 2: What problems is my avatar facing?

Everyone has problems, both big and small.

Think of the problems and pain points that your avatar is facing and brainstorm possible solutions that can help them solve the problems.


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Part 3: How can I help my avatar?

Now that you have a clear idea of the various problems your avatar is facing and the possible solutions, it’s time for you to brainstorm blog posts, lead magnets, and paid products and services that YOU can create or provide to help to solve one of the problems you have identified.

Don’t forget to brainstorm several blog posts that will address the same problem where you can promote the same lead magnet or product that you have created!

More related content will help you build credibility and authority and make your reader more likely to trust you and want your products!


Part 4: Scaling up your solutions

Referring to Part 3, choose the easiest solution that you can come up with. The one that you think will take the least time to create.

For example, a one-page checklist is much easier to create an ebook. So start with the checklist first!

Now, don’t stop there! Your main purpose is to sell a full-fledged product that your avatar would be willing to pay for!

That product can then be made into a tripwire offer when your avatar signs up for the lead magnet.

To develop your sales process for the long run, you can even come up with a membership program, a mastermind group, or an even higher level product to help your avatar solve the problem.

The more value you can add to your avatar and the longer you can keep them depending on you and asking for more, the more money you’re gonna make!

If you want to create make money faster by creating your digital products with drag-and-drop templates, check out this super useful toolkit!


Define your avatar with Target Audience Analysis here!

Now is the time to get down to work!

Download the Target Audience Analysis document right here!

When you have a clear picture of who your avatar is, you can then create highly relevant content for your avatar and your blog traffic will definitely grow. So will your income.

Therefore, I sincerely urge you to take some time this week to seriously go through this exercise.


Let me know how the exercise goes for you!

Feel free to reach out if you need any assistance along the way!


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Audrey at Two Pink Peonies June 16, 2020 - 12:29 pm

This is such insightful advice. I think when you’re a blogger or run a website that you can get lost in the day to day and all the things you need to do. We need to always take a step back every now and then and remember who we are writing for. Thanks for the great reminder! I really need to do this.

Faith June 17, 2020 - 2:03 am

Yes, that is so true! I do agree that sometimes we might steer off our path and it’s SO important to always come back to find the heart of our avatar! Thanks for checking this out!

Jen June 16, 2020 - 3:20 pm

This is amazingly helpful! I’ve been working hard on niching down and redefining my target audience. Thanks for all these suggestions and tools.

Faith June 17, 2020 - 1:45 am

You’re most welcome! So glad you found this helpful! Thanks for checking this out!

Sara June 16, 2020 - 4:52 pm

This is something that I need to sit down and do. Thanks for providing some tips and guidance.

Faith June 17, 2020 - 2:02 am

You’re most welcome! I sure hope you will find the Target Audience Analysis helpful!

Ngozi June 17, 2020 - 7:06 pm

This is such a useful post. Thank you.

Faith June 23, 2020 - 2:05 am

Thanks for checking out this post!

Mamie June 17, 2020 - 10:13 pm

These are helpful tips for bloggers.

Faith June 23, 2020 - 2:05 am

Thanks for checking out this post!

Leticia June 18, 2020 - 12:50 pm

These are great tips for someone who wants to get laser focused on growing their blog!

Faith June 23, 2020 - 2:04 am

Thank you! So glad you found these tips helpful!


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