Engage Without Gadgets Challenge Part 2: Coloring Activities For Kids

by Faith
coloring activities for kids

This post is second of five parts on our Engage Without Gadgets Challenge!

The whole idea of this challenge is to engage your children through screen-free activities for families.

This Challenge is highly recommended for parents with children ages 10 and below.

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Coloring Activities For Kids: Engaging Your Kids Screen-Free

Engage Without Gadgets Challenge Part 2: Back To Basics

Do you still remember what is one of the first things your child learned in preschool, even before learning the alphabet?

It’s coloring!

free printable coloring pages for kids

My youngest child was following her older brothers to doodle and color even before she could talk.

Learning to hold the pencil is an important milestone for mastering fine motor skills at the toddler/preschooler age.

But seems like it is getting more common to see toddlers using their fingers on the iPad even before they know how to hold a pencil!

Coloring activities for kids help the young ones:

– learn fine motor skills for the pencil grip

– practice hand-eye coordination (especially when they learn not to color outside the lines)

– hone concentration skills (yes, I consider the ability to focus and hold attention in completing an activity a very important life skill that needs to be nurtured from young!)

– express creativity and imagination (who says a picture of the elephant has to be grey? It can be colorful or even polka-dotted as your child fancies!)


coloring activities for kids

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For older children, coloring activities help them with 

– creativity and expression

– exercising dexterity (they no doubt know how to write and color with a pencil, but how about using paintbrushes? Or finger painting?)

– exploration (explore using different mediums to paint! Watercolors, markers, crayons, sponges, brushes etc)

Basically, the possibilities with a coloring activity are endless!

Teach your child about primary and secondary colors, help them explore mixing colors and using different mediums.

How about using sponges with paint? Vegetable printing? Color with crayons and then paint over? Using glitter glue? Tube paints? Fluorescent paints?

Get creative and imaginative! That’s how a simple coloring activity can get really fun and ENGAGING!

Most importantly, don’t just suggest what your child can do during the coloring activity, JOIN IN!

Oh, and don’t forget to put up some of your child’s creation up on display! It could be on the wall, closet or fridge.

Putting up their creation builds their sense of confidence and pride in their work. It also provides a constant reminder of the fun time that they had with YOU in producing a special piece of artwork together!

If your older child thinks the idea of coloring isn’t cool, then you most certainly need to make it cool!

If you don’t mind spending some money, purchase some new coloring tools. Children usually cannot resist seeing and using new items.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should buy something new every time you want to engage your child in a coloring activity. It is not practical and does not encourage the value of thriftiness.

Anyway, to start the ball rolling, here are 30+ FREE coloring printables of kids’ favorite cartoon characters to get your children excited about coloring with you!

free printable coloring pages for kids

So no excuses! Just download, print, and color!

By the way, the coloring pages are all hand-drawn by me. It started with me wanting to keep my children occupied during the school holidays.

And because I can’t always find coloring pages of the cartoon characters that they like, I decided to draw them myself!

Also, I enjoy the process of drawing. It is very therapeutic for me. It reminds me of my interest in art and craft and the joy of creating!

So, I draw for my kids and we color together. And because my sons keep seeing me drawing, they have become very interested in drawing to express themselves too!


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I am always excited to see their creations!

I sure hope you are excited about getting your kids BACK TO BASICS and using this FREE resource to ENGAGE your child!

Have fun coloring!


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