The Best Course On How To Build A Successful Blog

by Faith

How to build a successful blog?

This is a question that many new bloggers would ask.

The internet is flooded with blogging guides and resources, which one should you learn from?

I have attended dozens of free and paid blogging courses but not all have been useful. I intend to provide you with my honest reviews of the courses which are truly beneficial.

Here is one blogging course which I find incredibly useful and comprehensive. Not to mention, the course is rather affordable too!


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Who is this course suitable for?

I would highly recommend this course to absolute beginners and also to bloggers who have been blogging for about a year but without much success.

Success, in this case, refers to monthly blog traffic above 10,000 and having a steady income stream from your blog.

So if you haven’t yet achieved that, not to worry! This course will show you the tips and tricks on how to make SEO friendly website on WordPress.

Furthermore, there is a huge section on how to use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic. In fact, the information is so comprehensive that it actually can be a standalone Pinterest marketing course!

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Why should you learn from Elna Cain?

I came across Elna’s Twins Mommy blog when I was searching on how to use Pinterest to increase traffic for my blog.

I was immediately won over by how beautiful and Pinterest-perfect Elna’s blog is. I didn’t hesitate in paying for her Pinterest Perfection Masterclass because I believe that she really knows her Pinning business well.

It most definitely helped that Elna’s Pinterest Perfection Masterclass is really affordable.

The funny thing is, sometimes we tend to assume that higher priced items must be worth a lot of
value and the affordable ones might not be.

Yet the truth is, Elna’s course contains a lot of value in providing highly useful and actionable tips on utilizing Pinterest for your blogging business.

What I admire most about Elna Cain is how sincere and down-to-earth she is and her willingness to share.

Elna has been very responsive with relevant advice on her Mom to Mompreneur facebook group. I have benefited greatly from the honest sharing and kind support from the other mom bloggers in the community too!

Furthermore, Elna is a mom blogger managing her online business and taking care of her kids at the same time, which I totally admire and aspire to become.

If you desire to build a beautiful blog that can attract a lot of traffic using Pinterest, then you definitely have to learn from Elna Cain. She knows Pinterest extremely well and has a proven track record in using Pinterest to build a successful online business.

In addition, I have done quite a bit of research on various bloggers who are also selling Pinterest-related courses.

If you look at the Pinterest profile of some of these Pinterest course creators, their monthly Pinterest viewers are less than 500K.

Yes, many established bloggers will tell you that Pinterest high monthly unique views do not necessarily translate to huge blog traffic.

But if you are a blogger selling a course on how to use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic, shouldn’t your Pinterest monthly views be high? A high Pinterest monthly viewership would mean that the blogger is still very active on Pinterest and is putting their words into action.

Elna is one of the very few Pinterest course creators who currently has very high Pinterest monthly views (1.4million) and a huge Pinterest following (over 34,000!).

This tells me that the Pinterest methods that Elna teaches really work. And she truly knows her stuff because she’s totally on top of the game!

If you want to find a Pinterest marketing course that provides you with valuable information and is still pocket-friendly, then Elna’s Pinterest Perfection Masterclass would be perfect for you.

However, if you want to learn how to improve Google SEO and also how to use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic, then you should absolutely dive into Elna’s Ready Set Blog For Traffic!

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4 important lessons I learned from Elna Cain’s Ready Set Blog For Traffic

1. How to create strategic backlinks to your blog

If you want to learn how to improve Google SEO for your blog, then you should know that having strong backlinks is very helping in ranking your blog on Google.

Elna teaches you the exact strategy that new bloggers can implement right away to build strong backlinks to their blogs.

2. How to find keywords and optimize SEO for your blog posts

In Ready Set Blog For Traffic, Elna Cain shares great tips on free ways to find keywords that you can use for your blog posts.

I have been blogging for 15 months now and I’m actually in the midst of a tiresome process of blog migration.

My first blog is hosted by Strikingly and is still currently live. I have decided to switch to WordPress because I believe it will help me improve my blog’s SEO.

But because it’s not possible to download and migrate the website’s files, I basically have to type out all my posts from scratch. This has resulted in a blog migration process that is taking much longer than I expected.

On the bright side, because I have to type out my posts again, I get the chance to apply Elna’s tips on keywords and optimizing my posts for SEO.

And to be honest, it is much easier to optimize an existing blog post for Google SEO than to create a totally brand new post after searching for keywords to rank for.

Regardless, it is still a learning journey for me and I have to say that Elna’s tips on how to improve Google SEO have definitely been very beneficial!


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3. How to use Pinterest to generate blog traffic

As mentioned earlier, Elna really does know her stuff about Pinterest. This Pinterest section in Ready Set Blog For Traffic is a very comprehensive Pinterest marketing course within a blogging course!

You will learn how to look for Pinterest keywords so that you can optimize your pin descriptions to improve Pinterest SEO.

You will also learn important tips on how to create a viral pin. Elna Cain shares in the course details about the recommended pin size, pin colors, and pin design that will increase the chances of people saving your pins.

She also provides a list of almost 400 Pinterest group boards that cover 17 niches! That is truly a valuable list that will help new bloggers on Pinterest grow their traffic quickly!

Furthermore, Elna teaches you how to increase the longevity of your legacy pins so that pins that have done well in the past will keep driving traffic to your blog consistently even in the long run!

The next best thing to having a viral pin? It’s a viral pin that lasts!

So you must be sure to take lots of notes during this blogging course!

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4. The elements of an SEO optimized blog post

Improving your blog’s Google ranking is not just about having the right keywords.

If you want to learn how to make SEO friendly website, then you need to know about all the essential elements that are required to optimize your blog post!

You will learn great tips on crafting the perfect headline for maximum post engagement and how to put your content together so that people can’t get enough of your blog!

The best course on how to build a successful blog

So really, it’s hard to find a blogging course that is jam-packed with valuable information, tried and tested methods that will increase your blog traffic, and still remain pocket-friendly!

Check out Elna Cain’s Ready Set Blog For Traffic!


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