4 Super Helpful Pinterest Courses For Bloggers To Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

by Faith

Why you should invest in Pinterest courses for bloggers

During my 1.5 years of blogging, I have taken many courses, some free and some paid.

I have literally spent thousands of dollars on various blogging courses to help me learn about different aspects of blogging.

One important aspect of my blogging business is making use of Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog.

Even if you are an avid Pinterest user, you might not know the exact ins and outs of using Pinterest as a content creator

This is why you need to invest in learning how to master Pinterest to help you grow your blog.

The truth is, there are many free resources available online that will teach you about Pinterest.

But the other truth is, paid Pinterest courses are usually more comprehensive.

Looking for free resources probably means spending hours searching all over the internet to get your questions answered.

However, paid Pinterest courses are usually well-structured and provide you with much greater detail in the specific area of interest you are looking for.

Just like professions going through continuing professional education or pursuing an MBA to bring their professional skills to the next level, I truly believe bloggers need to pursue education too.

After all, if you want to build a profitable blog, blogging would be a business to you. And building a business requires investment, research, and education.

Above all, learning from bloggers who are already successful can help you save lots of time trying and figuring things out on your own.

Money spent should help you buy convenience, save time, and earn you skills that will expedite the growth of your business. 

Therefore, I would like to share with you 4 Pinterest courses for bloggers that will do just that.


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4 Super Helpful Pinterest Courses For Bloggers To Help You Master Your Pinterest Game


1. Canva Easy Design Pin Templates (<< that’s me!)

20 unique pin templates that will help you create attractive and click-worthy pins in minutes!

Simply drag and drop your own images, change the text, and you will be ready to skyrocket your blog traffic with free traffic from Pinterest!

Whether you are looking to increase traffic to your blog, course pages, sales pages, or grow your mailing list, these Canva Easy Design Pin Templates will be a great time-saver and money-saver for you.

This course also includes a video tutorial on how to use these templates to create pins on Canva in less than 5 minutes!

“Fantastic templates! These are perfect for me as a busy mom who needs to design pins in a flash. The templates were exactly the tool I needed to up my Pinterest game.” – Amy Juett (CalamusMom.com)

Pin me to your blogging boards!




2. Pinterest Perfection Masterclass by Elna Cain (For Beginners)

This is the very first Pinterest course that I took.

Pinterest Perfection Masterclass has helped me to lay down the important foundation needed to set up a Pinterest business account that is instrumental in driving free traffic to my blog.

Elna’s Pinterest course is great for beginner bloggers and is highly affordable.

Read more about Elna here.



3 Free Pinterest Templates For Canva That Will Help You Create Beautiful Pins FAST


3. Pinteresting Strategies By Carly Campbell (Beginner to Intermediate)

This is a very thorough Pinterest course for bloggers on how to grow your Pinterest and blog traffic through manual pinning.

I came across Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies recently and I was completely blown away by the immense amount of information that she has provided!

Ever since I started using Pinterest, I have been using Tailwind to schedule pins on Pinterest.

Tailwind is an incredibly useful tool in saving time and maximizing the benefits of using Pinterest.

(Receive one month of Tailwind for free by signing up here.)

But after going through Pinteresting Strategies, I realized that I have been doing it all wrong!

I really should have learned more about manual pinning on Pinterest before I jumped into scheduled pinning!

Pinteresting Strategies is a no-fluff course and Carly teaches you the exact steps she takes in pinning and growing her Pinterest and blog traffic.

She provides so many incredible tips and you have to make sure you take lots of notes along the way! This course is most definitely something that you can go through a few times and refer back to master your Pinterest game.

If you want to grow your Pinterest account and blog traffic in the fastest way possible, then you have to check out Pinteresting Strategies.

To be honest, this Pinterest course is worth SO MUCH MORE than its price tag.



4. Pin Practical Ads By Monica Froese (Beginner to Advanced)

If you want to explore putting up paid advertisements on Pinterest but have no idea how to do it, then Monica Froese is definitely your go-to guru.

Monica’s signature course is Pin Practical Promotions where she goes in-depth into running profitable Pinterest advertisements.

This course is not only for bloggers but for any small business owner who wants an affordable marketing strategy to skyrocket sales and explode their mailing lists.

She has a whole range of Pinterest courses for bloggers and her courses are always jam-packed with practical tips and actionable advice.

Pin Practical Ads is a free training that you can attend before you jump into the premium Pin Practical Courses.

I have attended Pin Practical Ads, Pin Practical Primer, and am currently going through Pin Practica Influence!

For me, Pin Practical Primer was the exact step by step guide that I needed to start my very first pin promotion on Pinterest! I would have been so lost without it!

Check our Monica’s highly informative free training here.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend what I have tried and truly love.


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