3 Reasons Why I Switched From Bluehost To Siteground

by Faith

I endured 1.5 months of several downtimes with my original web host and then two weeks of frustration during the site migration process.

And I most certainly hope that they will NEVER happen to you, too.

Therefore, whether you are a brand new blogger looking for the best web host to build your money-making blog or an intermediate blogger whose blog is growing rapidly, this post is important to you!

Here are the reasons why I needed to change my theme and change my web host.  If you are going through something similar, you would probably want to consider switching a web host, too!

And if you are looking for the best web host to start your WordPress blog, then you might want to foresee your own future and decide which web host will best suit your needs in the long run.


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3 Reasons Why I Switched From Bluehost To Siteground

7 essential tips on how to transfer web hosting from one company to another. Do these 7 things before you migrate your site to ensure a smooth process

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My blog traffic exploded

After months of hard work, my blog finally made a breakthrough in November when the monthly pageviews doubled and exceeded 10,000!

Maybe 10,000 pageviews isn’t really an explosion of traffic.

But for someone who has been struggling with blogging for 1.5 years and finally seeing substantial growth within a few months of starting afresh, 10,000 is certainly a milestone worth celebrating!

From then on, I saw tremendous growth in traffic and income over the next two months.

And that was really exciting for me.

After achieving 10,000 pageviews, I signed up for to join Ezoic and ditched AdSense.

Almost immediately, I started seeing my ad revenue TRIPLING!

Naturally, that made my pocket and me very happy.

siteground banner


My site speed was too slow

In December, I signed up for the Elite Blog Academy.

It has been an eye-opening experience so far with so many great tips and action plans to work on from this premium blogging course.

One of the units in the EBA course recommended that we do a thorough assessment of a blog and obtain objective feedback. So, I did! 

I received several comments that my site loading speed was too slow.

To be honest, I realized that some time ago. But as I saw that my traffic has been increasing month after month, I didn’t think my slow site speed was an issue at all.

Through EBA, I now believe that site speed IS important for SEO and growing my blog traffic.

I have paid over $1000 for EBA and I most certainly want to make the most out of it by following the wisdom and advice provided. After all, if so many bloggers have found breakthroughs and successes through completing EBA, I want to be like them, too!

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7 essential tips on how to transfer web hosting from one company to another. Do these 7 things before you migrate your site to ensure a smooth process

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My blog was experiencing downtime WAY TOO OFTEN

In November and December, as my blog traffic surged, I experienced several site downtimes and I was totally upset!

There were instances when the site was down between two and 20 minutes.

There were even a handful of times when my blog was down for 45 minutes, 90 minutes, and worst of all, 2 hours!

I asked Bluehost to explain why my site was going down so frequently and they blamed it on my theme.

Thereafter, I sought advice from fellow bloggers and, apparently, so many of them had a bad experience with Bluehost!

The truth is, Bluehost could still a great choice for new bloggers due to its low cost. If you are already using Bluehost, I would recommend that you be prepared to switch your web host as your blog grows.

It would also be a good idea to only sign a one-year contract with Bluehost if you decided to start your first WordPress blog with them.


My new WordPress theme — Soledad

After reading reviews about my original theme,  Highend,  I learned that it isn’t really suitable for my needs. The multiple functions and features actually make it a heavily loaded theme which slows down site speed.

Therefore, based on my experience and the feedback that I received, I finally changed my theme to Soledad.

I love that there are so many homepage demos to choose from the Soledad theme. Also, the support staff was highly responsive and very helpful when I had trouble installing the theme and getting the right demo that I wanted.

I think my site looks more modern, sleek, and beautiful with the new Soledad theme!

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My new web host — Siteground

For brand new bloggers looking for the best web host to start your WordPress blog, I’d strongly recommend that you start with Siteground so you don’t even have to worry about changing web hosts in the near future!

Many bloggers whom I spoke to also recommend Siteground for being reliable and providing great customer service and support! I would definitely agree with that!

Siteground may cost a bit more than Bluehost, but I think it’s totally worth it. Especially when knowing that my blog has grown bigger and now requires a bigger, better house is certainly a good thing!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any positive or negative experience with either Bluehost or Siteground.

If you need further help in choosing the most suitable web host for your blog, check out this article.

Please be sure to check out my next post on the 7 Things That You MUST Do Before Changing Web Hosts.


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Desiree February 19, 2020 - 1:58 pm

I started with Bluehost and so far I haven’t had any issues with them. My traffic is still growing so I will have to migrate my site eventually. Thank you for this information. I will look into switching in the future!

Faith February 20, 2020 - 1:29 am

I hope you won’t have to go through with what I did! But either way, I’m glad this post has been useful to you! Do also check out the post on “7 essential things to do before you change web hosts

Jen February 19, 2020 - 3:06 pm

I had a lot of success switching themes and switching to SG as well. It’s really helped my speed, and I like the customer service better.

Faith February 20, 2020 - 1:27 am

That’s great to hear! It’s really worrisome when the site isn’t functioning well. A reliable web host with great customer support is a must!

Kamry February 20, 2020 - 3:07 pm

I’m still pretty new to the blogging world but this was still informative for me! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to read more!

Faith February 24, 2020 - 5:47 am

Thanks so much for reading! So subscribe and get a free blog planner and stay updated for more blogging tips!


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