The 3-Step Pinterest Strategy That Got Me Over 1 MILLION Monthly Pinterest Views: You Can Do The Same!

by Faith

After a change in the algorithm in February 2019, my Pinterest views tanked and stayed pretty much stagnant throughout the entire year.

Then, something MIRACULOUS  happened.

My Pinterest views skyrocketed to 1.5 MILLION from 300K views in less than two months!

3 step pinterest strategy. pinterest monthly views stats

I couldn’t believe my eyes the day I saw the numbers hit that elusive 1 MILLION mark!

Just to fill you in with some background information:

I started blogging in Fairbury 2018 and only started using Pinterest in November2018.

My initial Pinterest strategy was to pin over 50 pins every day using Tailwind. That actually got me 100,000 views on Pinterest in a month as a brand new Pinterest account!

I was really happy then and thought that I could keep using the same strategy to continue growing my Pinterest account.

However, that particular Pinterest Penang strategy did not continue to help me with my Pinterest and blog traffic.

In fact, my Pinterest views totally tanked after the algorithm change in February 2019.

I then started a new blog on WordPress in May 2019 after realizing that my previous web host lacked many SEO features that seemed crucial in growing a blog.

Later on, I also came across a new manual pinning strategy which was the reason my blog traffic shot up when my Pinterest traffic increased rapidly over the last few months.


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Here is a glimpse of my blog traffic from August 2019 —

August 2019: 2100 pageviews

September 2019: 2400 pageviews

October 2019: 5800 pageviews

November 2019: 11.1K pageviews

December 2019: 14.9K pageviews

A breakthrough finally came and in November, my blog’s monthly pageviews surpassed 10,000!

The traffic increase is most definitely related to my increase in Pinterest views.

3 step pinterest strategy. pinterest analytics pinterest traffic growth

Pinterest brings about 30% of my total blog traffic and SEO brings about 45%.

The most amazing thing is, Pinterest traffic is FREE!

Well, so is SEO, you would say.

But it takes time for organic traffic to grow for a new blog. Whereas, the playing field on Pinterest is pretty much level. This means even a new blogger can stand to grow blog traffic quickly through Pinterest!

Therefore, I am going to break down my Pinterest strategy so that you can use the exact steps to replicate the same success!

3 step pinterest strategy to skyrocket pinterest views and blog traffic

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The 3-Step Pinterest Strategy That Got Me Over 1 MILLION Monthly Pinterest Views

1) Create pin-worthy pins

What are “pin-worthy pins”?

Well, they are the pins that will stand out on your Pinterest feed and screams “Pin Me! Click Me!”

Pin design is very, VERY important.

In order to master your Pinterest game, you HAVE to create pins that will get noticed.

Otherwise, your pins will just blend in and get lost in the sea of pins.

Therefore, if you want to grow your blog using Pinterest, you have to learn the tips and tricks of creating attractive pins that will Pinterest users will notice on their feed and feel compelled to click on and read the post.

You have to master the basics of creating pins and this step of my Pinterest Strategy warrants its own blog post.

Please read this post where I share the 6 Essential Tips To Create Pins That Get Noticed.

Remember to come back for the next two steps of my Pinterest Strategy!

3 Free Pinterest Templates For Canva That Will Help You Create Beautiful Pins FAST


2) Focus on the Manual Pinning Strategy instead of relying on Tailwind

Despite what many bloggers say about Tailwind, I’m going to tell you that I stopped using Tailwind after I realized how little help it brought to growing my Pinterest account.

To be honest, when I was using Tailwind, I loved how convenient it was to schedule pins on multiple boards.

If you are interested in joining many group boards, using Tailwind would also make it much easier to access group boards.

But I wasn’t very active in group boards. I was only in three group boards and I felt that the ROI wasn’t significant and therefore, didn’t really focus on it.

My very first pinning strategy was to pin at least 30 pins every day on Tailwind and on multiple boards. I quickly saw my brand new Pinterest account surpassed 100K views in only ONE MONTH and that truly felt good.

BUT, that traffic didn’t last.

Even when I was pinning 100 to 200 pins a day using Tailwind, my Pinterest traffic totally tanked after the Pinterest algorithm changed in February 2019.

It was then I discovered the art of manual pinning.

Ever since I learned the exact steps on how to do manual pinning on Pinterest, I stopped using Tailwind.

I was happy to save the expense of paying for Tailwind services and still manage to spend less than 10 minutes every day on Pinterest to grow my Pinterest traffic.

But to set your expectations right, you WILL be expected to spend more time doing manual pinning at the beginning.

I initially spent about 20 minutes on Pinterest every day and I see the efforts paying off 2 months down the road.

How fast our Pinterest account grows will NOT ONLY depend on how much time and effort you spend on Pinterest every day.

In fact, the crux of skyrocketing your Pinterest account is pinning the RIGHT PINS. And that pertains to both the pins you create as well as third party pins.

So, if you were to ask me if you should invest in Tailwind, I would say there’s no need to.

Or, at least, you can put aside Tailwind for now until you master the manual pinning strategy.

As from my personal experience, I attribute my Pinterest growth success to the manual pinning strategy.

Tailwind can be a useful tool to enhance your Pinterest strategy but it must not be the only tool.

In order to fully understand the ins and outs of Pinterest and to truly skyrocket your Pinterest account IMMENSELY, you HAVE TO master the manual pinning strategy.

Learn the exact steps of manual pinning strategy that has helped my Pinterest views surpass 1 million!

3 step pinterest strategy to skyrocket pinterest views and blog traffic

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3) Creating seasonal content ahead of time

It is important to create seasonal content if you want to ride on the traffic increase due to the special occasions that happen throughout the year.

However, it is ESSENTIAL that you create seasonal content AHEAD OF TIME.

Ideally, your blog post on seasonal content and the related pins should be published AT LEAST one month ahead of the season.

For example, for Christmas, most people start looking for craft and party ideas in early December. They would probably also do their Christmas shopping during the Black Friday weekend, and start looking for craft and party ideas in early December. Therefore, your Christmas posts and pins should be published in early November.

My viral pin is actually a picture of my printable calendar 2020.


3 step pinterest strategy. viral pin stats


For products, sometimes it’s okay to let the entire pin be your featured product. This is where having the right keywords in pin title and description are very important.

This brings me back to the first step of the Pinterest Strategy — creating pin-worthy pins — that still stands.

In fact, boards filled with beautiful pins WILL help you grow your Pinterest traffic because Pinterest users want to follow you.

Similarly, if you always have beautiful photographs on your Instagram account, you will naturally gain more followers, too.


I created the calendar and daily planner printables in July so my pins have been on Pinterest since then.

I started seeing a lot of re-pins in November and also saw an increase in my subscribers as this planner printable is my lead magnet to grow my mailing list.

Then, my blog traffic literally skyrocketed at the end of December.

3 step pinterest strategy. google analytics blog traffic growth


To be honest, this viral pin came as a surprise to me.

I have actually created many other pins on this daily planner and monthly planners that I’m giving away for free as lead magnets with proper titles on my pins.

But it is this featured product pin that really took off.

3 Free Pinterest Templates For Canva That Will Help You Create Beautiful Pins FAST


I am really glad that I started pushing out my printable planners on Pinterest much earlier this year.

Last year, I only created printable planners in November. Even then, I did see a traffic spike at the end of December and in January. That was also the time where my mailing list had the biggest jump in numbers, up to October 2019, that is.

So, I have learned that people do love free planner printables and A LOT of Pinterest users search for them in the last quarter of the year and the first quarter of the year.

Therefore, I am so glad that I planned way ahead this time around and really managed to bank in on the increase in seasonal traffic.

Not only did my blog traffic skyrocket along with the significant increase in Pinterest traffic, but it also translated to an explosion in my mailing list, increased in ad revenue, increased sales of my own products, as well as more sales for affiliate products.

This is totally a WIN-WIN-WIN situation!


Here are my top performing pins at shown on Pinterest Analytics:

3 step pinterest strategy top performing pins

As you can see, my top-performing pins are mostly product features and they are all about planners, which is seasonal content.

Am I worried that my Pinterest views and blog traffic will decrease once this season dies down?

You bet!

I am fully expecting my blog traffic and Pinterest views to decrease over the next few months as fewer and fewer people search for new planners for 2020.

But, having achieved this immense growth for my Pinterest traffic and blog traffic has given me a great boost in confidence that I CAN achieve these successes yet again.

All I need is to do is to diligently repeat the steps above and apply them to other seasons!

Meanwhile, there are also evergreen posts and products to be created so that I can still ride on this uprising Pinterest wave to draw more traffic to my blog.


Your Next Steps

Do the above steps sound easy? Absolutely!

Will you also be able to see the same explosion in Pinterest and blog traffic by applying the same steps?


Of course, you would have to put in the hard work and plan ahead of time in order to implement all the above steps and obtain your desired results.

These steps CAN be replicated by any blogger in any niche. What is also important is the tools that you use in order to implement the above three steps.

That is why I have included the respective tools and resources that are key in making the above steps productive with the right results.

Please let me know in the comments below what is your biggest struggle when it comes to growing your Pinterest account and I will do my best to help you!

Please also leave in the comments below to share any other useful Pinterest tips that have worked for you! Thank you so much!


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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you very much for your support and so that I can continue running this blog while caring for my three young kids!

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